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Customized Patient Intake by Physician Specialty

At Clearwave, we know the challenges your physician specialty faces. The number of patients you treat is increasing, and their health issues are often more complex, not to mention higher deductibles make it harder to collect payment. The cost of compliance with healthcare quality measures is at an all-time high, and managing patient expectations has never been more difficult.

Our more innovative approach to patient check-in goes beyond tablets and mobile options for patient registration for specialty practices. By putting patient check-in in the hands of patients, specialty physicians gain greater time for one-on-one interaction, promoting more meaningful conversations with patients—and better informing care, setting the stage for high performance under quality programs.

The Orthopaedic Center

Increased Collections by

24% Per Patient

Top 10 Specialties We Serve

Clearwave provides patient intake solutions for all types of physician specialty practices. Our top 10 areas of expertise include:

Top 10 Specialties We Serve
Primary Care

Key Benefits


of our partner's specialty care patients use self-service registration


of front-desk staff can focus on other duties


reduction rate in patient registration errors


average reduction in wait times

Self-check-in software improves forms management for specialty care practices

Self-check-in software improves forms management for specialty care practices

Patients spend 50% less time completing forms because our healthcare kiosk eliminates redundancy

Patients spend 50% less time completing forms because our healthcare kiosk eliminates redundancy

How it Works

Clearwave’s connected technologies increase efficiency and patient throughput for your specialty care practice, eliminating a trip to the front desk.

With the touch of a few buttons, your patients can:

  • Alert office staff that they have arrived
  • Verify or change their address, insurance information, health status, or update other demographics as well as driver's license or prescriptions
  • Sign consent forms
  • Notify office staff of their communication preferences
  • Payments can be processed directly from the kiosk, increasing convenience for your patients and revenue for your practice.

The Clearwave Difference

High Patient Satisfaction

When patients manage their care experience, the time savings opens the door for more meaningful communication opportunities. Staff spend more time ensuring treatment regimens and discharge instructions are clear, improving care outcomes.

Increased Point-of-Service Collections

Some specialty practices struggle with point-of-service collections. But did you know patients pay on average 50%-60% more at the kiosk? Clearwave’s automated patient check-in system changes the psychology of patient payment by requesting payment for copays and past-due balances directly from the healthcare kiosk.

Greater Capacity and Opportunities to Highlight Specialty Services

We believe in empowering your patients to be more responsible for their care experience through our self-service check-in platform. Not only do time savings increase, but the number of patients who can be seen each day also increases, further improving your practice’s bottom line. Our specialty practices have seen a dramatic increase in the number of procedures due to the simple question the kiosk asks at the end of their patient registration process. Greater Lawrence Family Health Center is a great example of a practice that saw dramatic changes following the adoption of Clearwave.

Family Health Center
Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
Executive Summary


  • GLFHC registers over 1,000 patients per day.
  • Registration during peak times was especially frustrating as patients would often wait in line for upwards of 20 minutes to be checked-in.
  • With a largely multi-cultural patient population, the front desk required extra time to
    assist patients for whom English was not their first language.
  • Leadership wondered if self- service was a good solution to improve their workflow
    processes and increase patient satisfaction.


  • Because Clearwave oered multi-language options, GLFHC decided the platform was
    a good solution to streamline its processes.
  • The organization deployed a total of 20 kiosks throughout the campus.
  • Today there is no wait with the average check-in time about 2 minutes
  • There has been a significant impact on patient satisfaction, keeping the patients on-time for their appointments, and getting them back to see their provider more quickly.
  • Clearwave seamlessly integrates with GE Centricity which made the implementation process very straightforward.
  • Since implementation and go-live, GLHFC has been able to streamline the check-in process, improve patient throughput, increase net revenue and enhance the patient experience.


  • Implemented Clearwave Solution: 12/2015
  • Implemented Mobile Pre-CheckTM: 5/2018
  • Current Number of Kiosks: 20
  • Initial Number of Kiosks: 4
  • Patient Utilization: 87.6%
  • Practice Management System: GE Centricity
  • Increase in payment collections year over year: 157%
  • Average Reduction in Check-In Time: 87%
  • Clearwave Check-in Time: 2 minutes 6 seconds, down from 20 minutes

Enhanced Efficiency

Updates to patient data automatically transfer from Clearwave’s healthcare kiosk to your practice’s EHR. This frees staff to focus on more value-added work while improving patient follow-up.

Improved Performance

Clearwave’s connected technologies reduce the burden of administrative tasks, empowering your physicians and front-office staff to focus on more value-added work.

The Clearwave Presence

The Clearwave PresenceClearwave has active partners in 43 states and 31 specialties. As the only self-service digital check-in solution that spans the hospital and the ambulatory/physician markets, Clearwave is honored to serve these organizations as they utilize a specific hospital information system (HIS) for hospital-based services and a different Practice Management (PM)/Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the physician practices.

Clearwave’s overall competitive advantages include:
  • Clearwave is an eligibility clearinghouse and our eligibility platform is second to none. We verify patient’s insurance benefits in real-time and any time the patient makes changes to their information. Clearwave validates a patient’s address in real time to make sure it is the best deliverable address.
  • Clearwave real-time identifies and reports duplicate patient records.
  • Clearwave stores patient data in the cloud allowing us to handle walk-in patients in an intelligent manner.
  • Clearwave’s platform is customizable; we treat every patient uniquely. Based on our knowledge of the patient, we create an expedited check-in process for that patient, eliminating unnecessary forms, duplicated work or steps in the process.
  • Clearwave is PM/HIS and payment processor agnostic.
  • Clearwave keeps the process for the patient simple so patients will use our kiosk and complete the process faster than any other solution.
  • Clearwave can scan and extract discrete data from driver’s licenses and insurance cards. Tablets can’t do either. Other kiosk vendors can only scan a copy of the cards.

What a Few of Our Clients Are Saying:


Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates more than doubled point-of-service collections with implementation of a medical kiosk for patient intake."


VisionFirst Eye Center decreased paper costs 15% by eliminating paper-based check-in."

UAB Medicine

UAB Medicine’s orthopedics clinic reduced patient wait times by more than 30 minutes, giving surgeons more time to interact with patients."