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Specialty Practices

Customized Patient Intake by Physician Specialty

Specialty practices such as cardiology centers, ophthalmology centers, neurology centers and orthopedic centers have to take into account a number of patient issues that other practices may not. Specialty practice patients are often uncomfortable standing due to back or leg pain. Even spending prolonged time in the waiting room is uncomfortable.

Your patients can manage how they check in, choosing the way that’s most comfortable for them—kiosk, tablet or mobile app pre-check. Your patients can check in faster. There are no more paper forms to fill out, no more lines to stand in and no need to arrive significantly early to check in.  

Customized Patient Intake

Top Specialties We Serve




Urgent Care


Hospitals & Health Systems




Family Medicine


General Practice

ASC (includes Endo)

Internal Medicine

General Surgery


Key benefits


Of patients use self-service registration


Of front-desk staff are able to focus on other duties


Reduction in patient registration errors


Decrease in paper costs

3 minutes or less

Average check in time

25% – 65%

Point-of-sale collections increase

Increase Check-In Efficiency

With the touch of a few buttons, your patients can:

  • Choose their language preference for the check-in process
  • Alert office staff that they’ve arrived for their appointment
  • Verify or update their address, insurance information, health status or other demographics, as well as driver’s license and prescriptions
  • Sign consent forms

Automatically Verify Insurance Eligibility

Upgrade your practice and reduce rejected claims by 79%

  • Link to every insurance payer with 919 connections and counting
  • Enable full data audits with complete, uniform insurance data
  • Automatically check insurance 7x before a patient sees a physician
  • Customize your eligibility check schedule to fit your needs
  • Keep your staff updated with eligibility issue alerts and give them the tools they need to manage errors
  • Give your patients a uniform experience across mobile, tablet and kiosk, as well as throughout your practice's locations
Automatic Verify Insurance Eligibility

Improve Your Front Office With Clearwave

Clearwave's Presence

Clearwave has active partners in 44 states and 31 specialties. As the only self-service digital check-in solution that spans the hospital and the ambulatory/physician markets, Clearwave is honored to serve these organizations as they utilize a specific hospital information system (HIS) for hospital-based services and a different Practice Management (PM)/Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the physician practices.

Map of Clearwave Presence
Give your practice a competitive advantage:
  • Utilize an eligibility clearinghouse which contains an eligibility platform that is second to none. Verify your patient’s insurance benefits in real-time and any time the patient changes their information. Validate a patient’s address in real-time to make sure it is the best deliverable address.
  • Identify and report duplicate patient records in real-time.
  • Store patient data in the cloud allowing your staff to handle walk-in patients in an intelligent manner.
  • Customize your check-in platform uniquely for each patient. Take advantage of an expedited check-in process for each patient, eliminating unnecessary forms, duplicated work or steps in the process.
  • Be PM/HIS and payment processor agnostic.
  • Keep the process for patients simple so they will voluntarily use our mobile, tablet or kiosk options and complete the process faster than your competition.
  • Scan and extract discrete data from driver’s licenses and insurance cards with kiosks. Other kiosk vendors can only scan a copy of the cards.

What our Clients are Saying:

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Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates more than doubled point-of-service collections with implementation of a medical kiosk for patient intake.


VisionFirst Eye Center decreased paper costs 15% by eliminating paper-based check-in.


UAB Medicine’s orthopedics clinic reduced patient wait times by more than 30 minutes, giving surgeons more time to interact with patients.

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