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About Us

Since 2004, Clearwave has provided a streamlined check-in experience for hospitals, health systems, clinics and specialty practices. Our intuitive, easy-to-use electronic process allows patients to check in faster and avoid lines. Check-in times are consistently reduced to three minutes or less, making patients happier and speeding up patient throughput. 

System features such as real-time insurance eligibility and upfront payments help practices reduce rejected insurance claims and increase cash flow. In fact, Clearwave increases point-of-service collections between 25% – 65%. Fewer potentially embarrassing patient questions or uncomfortable payment conversations ease the burden of front-desk staff. 

We’ve checked in and verified eligibility for more than 54 million patients in 43 states, and those numbers are growing daily.

Our values

Our values can be summarized by the 3 Cs:


We have clarity of purpose, and act with honesty and transparency.


We’re passionate about all that we do and strive to be the best. We’re committed to each other, our clients, our partners and our community.


We’re driven to solve client challenges and help their practices run better, while providing a great patient experience at the same time.

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