Katzen Eye Group Implements Integrated Kiosk Registration and Eligibility Solution

Katzen Eye Group has long been a leader in the NextGen User Group community and were the first NextGen customer to implement the fully integrated Clearwave kiosk registration and eligibility solution.

“We evaluated all of NextGen’s partners and found Clearwave offered, by far, the most comprehensive solution,” said Janna Mullaney, C.O.O. at Katzen Eye Group. “With the constant HR challenges we face every day, we needed a solution that would provide patients with the option for self-­‐service registration. Clearwave is the only solution on the market that has a comprehensive registration and eligibility work flow.”

The Clearwave solution is supported by a NextGen developed integration. The integration seamlessly integrates all patient data from the kiosk including driver’s license and insurance card images, demographic updates and insurance updates. Outstanding balances and copays are collected at the kiosk and posted automatically into NextGen.

“From our perspective, there is no point to a self-­‐service solution unless it can create efficiencies and allow us to better utilize our existing staff. Patients walk up to the kiosk, scan their insurance cards, update demographics, acknowledge policies, make payments and then have a seat. After finishing at the kiosk, patients are automatically checked into NextGen and all the information collected at the kiosk is immediately transferred into the patient record. Eligibility has been verified, payments posted and demographics updated, all directly entered by the patient,” said Janna Mullaney, C.O.O. at Katzen Eye Group.

The Clearwave solution provides patients the convenience of a self-­‐service, paperless check-­‐in. Patients spend less time in the waiting room and staff spend less time on paperwork. The end result is streamlined registration and a greater focus on providing efficient patient care.

The Clear Choice

Katzen Eye Group Results 70% of patients’ asked to pay at the kiosk use their credit card for payment. Payments are posted automatically into NextGen. 85% of patients checking in at the kiosk make updates to demographic and insurance data. These changes appear in realtime in NextGen with no staff involvement. The kiosk is used to market LASIK to patients.

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