Why Your Practice Should Offer Patients Instant Access

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Great patient experience is key to the success of your practice. It drives loyalty and satisfaction and keeps patients coming back whenever they need care. The strongest patient experiences motivate new patient referrals or positive online reviews.

In short, positive patient experiences drive practice growth.

Giving patients access to the access they need, when they need it, is a simple way to show up for your patient base and improve the overall experience. Implementing a platform that enables an instant connection to your practice as a part of your digital front door strategy can do just that.

Instant access for patients ensures continued care. With the right tools, patients can book appointments, check insurance eligibility to avoid surprises and pre-register for appointments to save time before even entering the office.

Clearwave’s solutions give your patients a better sense of feeling connected and engaged, in ways that keep them involved in their care and help your practice run. Here’s how:

Establishing a Digital Front Door

Cut through the delay of patients needing to wait for office hours to phone your practice and set up an appointment. By allowing patients to interact 24/7 with self-scheduling that meets their needs, you’ll capture patients in the research stage of finding a provider and offer flexibility to your existing patients.

Establishing a digital front door can maintain your scheduling requirements while filling available time slots and allowing patients to self-schedule urgent or last-minute appointments before your staff arrives that day.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Clearwave offers Eligibility-as-a-Service — real-time insurance eligibility verification that practices use to verify primary, secondary and tertiary patient benefits in seconds, and ensure coverage has not lapsed.

With Clearwave, your practice has the potential to save 90% in insurance claim denials, and achieve up to a 65% improvement in collection rates by presenting patients with the correct copay at the time of check-in.

The result? Faster and smoother medical billing that cuts down on issues like billing errors and delayed payments.

In addition, Clearwave never charges transaction fees – this means you can get the latest patient benefit information without paying extra per patient.

No Surprises

When pre-registering for a visit or at check-in, patients receive an estimate of their financial responsibility for the visit’s co-pay, a patient’s open balance or their partial cost due for a surgery or procedure. Allowing patients access to their coverage’s financial requirements offers better financial transparency and allows your patients to avoid costly surprises. Patients can make a payment immediately and not have to be chased with invoices or follow-up calls to settle their balance.

Want to see how choosing Clearwave for instant access to patient data can also increase your practice’s ROI? Click here to try our ROI calculator out now!

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