New From Clearwave Innovation Lab: Appointment Manager 

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Advanced Tools, Effortless Use, Rapid Staff Productivity. 

By Blakely Roth | May 29, 2024

Clearwave’s latest innovation, Appointment Manager, is purpose-built to help specialty healthcare practices enable Front Desk and Billing staff to easily optimize their workloads. Keep your staff on track of appointment-related tasks by transforming the way they manage their daily responsibilities. Use Appointment Manager to reduce no-shows and late appointments or streamline prior authentication and overall eligibility procedures, the efficiencies are endless. 

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“Appointment Manager equips healthcare practices with tools that enhance staff productivity and help patients come in better prepared for their appointments,” said Lauren Thames, Vice President of Product Management at Clearwave. “This solution is a testament to Clearwave’s commitment to continuous innovation, providing our clients with the technology they want and need to thrive in a stressful healthcare environment.”

Clearwave Appointment Manager offers a comprehensive toolset, with key features that equip staff to complete appointment-related actions in seconds, rather than spending hours going patient by patient. It provides a simple way for staff to prioritize appointments that require their immediate attention. Leveraging Clearwave’s one-of-a-kind rules engine, healthcare practices can also create customized alerts and statuses, meaning practices can make the technology work for them—not against them—and find unique ways to help staff save time every day. 

Key Uses for Appointment Manager

  • Create Custom Appointment Tracking Statuses: Clearwave Appointment Manager allows practices to create and color-code unique statuses, enabling staff to easily identify the state of patient appointments and determine next steps. This feature is particularly beneficial for tracking and managing pre-verification steps, patient payment statuses or prior-authorization procedures.  
  • Efficient Insurance Verification: With just a few clicks, eligibility staff can quickly identify “add-on” appointments that need attention, ensuring no appointments slip through the cracks. This streamlined process saves time and reduces the risk of overlooked tasks. 
  • Send On-Demand Reminders and Boost Pre-Registration: Staff can easily filter patients who have not received reminders or have yet to act, such as confirming or completing pre-check. Instant text and email reminders can be sent with the click of a button, encouraging patients to complete pre-registration, which in turn reduces no-show rates and improves patient flow.  
  • Review All Appointments At-A-Glance: The Clearwave Dashboard allows staff to filter and view patients with specific statuses like reschedules/cancellations, confirmed appointments, amounts owed and late/no-shows. This holistic view enables staff to take necessary actions, such as rebooking patients or sending reminders, enhancing the overall efficiency of the practice. 
  • Follow-Up with Unreachable Patients: Staff can swiftly identify patients with invalid contact information, making it easier to update records and ensure effective communication. 
  • View Staff Productivity Statistics: Appointment Manager includes robust reporting features that track staff productivity, identifying training opportunities to enhance efficiency. Reports can be generated to monitor the average time taken for pre-verification and registration duties, helping practices optimize their processes. 

Staff Optimization Innovation, Client-Led & Patient-Focused.

Clearwave’s Appointment Manager is a clear demonstration of the company’s dedication to continuous innovation and excellence. By offering additional solutions to circumvent ongoing staffing burdens—inside of the Dashboard our clients use every day—Clearwave remains the all-in-one solution high-growth practices require to enhance profitability. 

“Our mission at Clearwave is to continually innovate and provide solutions that meet the changing demands of healthcare practices and their patients,” said Mike Lamb, CEO of Clearwave. “Appointment Manager is a perfect example of how we are driving the industry forward, offering our clients the user-friendly tools they need to succeed in an increasingly complex healthcare landscape.” 

With the introduction of Appointment Manager, Clearwave reaffirms its position as a leader in healthcare technology, committed to delivering solutions that help practices augment staff workloads. These offerings promise to revolutionize the way specialty healthcare practices manage their operations, paving the way for a more efficient and patient-centric future. Learn more about Cleawave’s Patient Revenue Platform™ and how it can help put time and money back into your practice.

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