How to Fill Patient, Staff & Profit Gaps Without Over-Exerting Your Tech Stack 

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By Blakely Roth | May 15, 2024

High-growth practices need effective solutions to reduce staffing burdens, without raising costs. Practice management systems (PMS) and in some cases, electronic health records (EHR), are beginning to offer patient engagement tools themselves to help practices make it happen. Yet, since patient engagement tools (like self-scheduling, registration, etc.,) are often considered ancillary to a PMS/EHRs main focus, these solutions tend to miss the mark. As a result, patient satisfaction, staff workloads and collection rates suffer. 

For patient payments, registration, scheduling, insurance verification and communications — high-growth practices require a solution that puts time and money back into their practice in ways that a PMS/EHR and other vendors simply aren’t built for. 

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Fill Patient, Staff & Profit Gaps Without Over-Exerting Your Tech Stack

Find a solution that can fill the gaps left by your PMS/EHR. One that truly reduces the burden on your overwhelmed staff, while maximizing revenue collections and streamlining key patient touchpoints. To avoid over-exerting your tech stack, find a Patient Revenue Platform™ that can support your intertwined patient scheduling, registration, insurance verification, payment and communication needs.  

Here are a few key features to look for in a solution. These capabilities ensure it will meet your practice’s complex needs and won’t require you to add additional technology to patch patient and profit gaps left by your PMS/EHR. 

  • Seamless integration into your PMS/EHR to streamline operations. 
  • Password-less, portal- and app-free patient interactions to meet patient demands. 
  • Cloud security for patient data privacy (no 3rd parties) to ensure compliance. 
  • Accurate and automated point-of-service collections to stop revenue leakage. 
  • True patient self-service capabilities to reduce staff burdens. 
  • Flexibility to match practice and provider requirements to work for your practice, not against it. 
  • Proven ROI from specialty practices to accomplish your key objectives. 

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Wondering if your PMS/EHR’s patient engagement solutions will suffice?

Considering the patient engagement tools that your practice management system (PMS) or electronic health record (EHR) provides? High-growth practices go beyond their PMS/EHR to amplify revenue results. See what a purpose-built patient revenue platform™ achieves for your bottom line. 

112% Increase in Point-of-Service Collections

Financially, integrating a patient revenue platform with your PMS can lead to substantial benefits.

  • Improved collections: By offering transparent, upfront payment options and automating eligibility verification, practices can significantly increase point-of-service collections and reduce outstanding balances. 
  • Enhanced revenue cycle management: Real-time eligibility checks and accurate patient data capture facilitate cleaner claims, faster reimbursements and reduced claim denials. 

Practices see faster and higher collection rates by prompting patient payments during patient self-registration. With private ways to pay and an improved ability to determine accurate patient co-pays with multi-factor eligibility™ verification built into their patient revenue platform — practices are collecting more and reducing claim rejections. 

87% Drop in Administrative Burdens

By integrating a patient revenue platform with your PMS, you can significantly lighten the workload on your staff.

  • Automating time-consuming tasks: From eligibility checks to payment collection, automation reduces manual work, minimizing errors and freeing up staff to focus on patient care. 
  • Giving patients self-service access to scheduling and registration: Digital check-in solutions, like kiosks, streamline patient arrivals, reducing lines and wait times and improving patient data capture. With smart patient self-scheduling solutions, your new and existing patients can book themselves in a way that meets your practice’s financial and provider requirements — without staff having to manage appointment requests or intervene at all! 
  • Putting staff to work on manual-only tasks: With patients checking in themselves in seconds and booking their own appointments with accuracy, your administrative staff can spend less time on repetitive, tedious tasks and more time interacting with patients, setting up payment plans, answering questions and even promoting your premium services. 

Practices are driving a 87% reduction in registration tasks for staff, 2X drop in eligibility verification workloads and pushing patients to book appointments online, saving time that would otherwise be used to manage the schedule. As a result, these practices can do more with less staff and reallocate FTE resources to other roles.  

+94% Adoption of Patient Self-Service

Modern patients demand convenience, transparency and efficiency in every interaction with their healthcare providers. 

  • Self-service options: Allow patients to handle registration, appointment scheduling and payment processes independently, reducing wait times and improving their overall experience. 
  • Digital front door: Streamlines patient access, offering a single point of entry for scheduling, pre-registration and financial transactions, thereby enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction. 

See how patient self-registration is helping one practice drive a nearly 100% increase in collections, while removing staffing burdens.

Find the Right Patient Revenue Platform for Your Specialty Practice

With aggressive revenue goals, staffing challenges and costs on the rise — it’s more important than ever to find a solution that will enhance your PMS and meet patient demands. You may find value in this buyer’s guide, as you navigate the right solution for your practice, one that can patch revenue leaks, while also minimizing staff churn, burdens (and costs!) 

Download this guide on 3 Steps to Increase Patient Revenue, Drive Practice ROI & Beyond and take action to boost patients, profits and staffing efficiencies this year. 


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