Solutions to Bridge the Gap Between Patient and Provider

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The right combination of digital tools can fuel patient satisfaction and enhance patient-provider relationships. Put together, digital tools enable your practice to engage with patients more efficiently throughout their care journeys. This can do wonders for the overall patient experience.

With the right digital tools, you can create an exceptional experience for your patients that will help your practice optimize care outcomes. This means higher patient retention, better satisfaction and positive online reviews. These are key to the long-term success of your practice.

With flexible solutions from Clearwave, you can close the communication gap between your patients and practice. Use the below tools to enhance your digital toolkit:

Clearwave Connect for Mobile, Tablet and Kiosk

Avoid slow, manual patient intake processes and upgrade patient check-in with Clearwave Connect. Built for mobile, tablet and kiosk functionality, you can efficiently check in your patients in the manner the works best for your practice.

By choosing a self-service patient check-in, your practice will have shorter wait times. Clearwave also considerably improves workflow efficiency, reducing the time spent on administrative patient intake tasks. Doing so enables your staff to direct more time and attention to patients, improving the patient experience.

Zero-Contact Patient Check-In

Offer Zero-Contact Patient Check-in to help your patients feel safe when they complete check-in at your practice. By allowing patients to check in to their appointments on their phones, you’ll be able to accommodate all patients.

Once patients arrive in your parking lot, they’ll wait in their cars instead of in a crowded waiting room. When the doctor is ready to see the patient, they’re notified by text message, facilitating a smooth check-in process that leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Address Patient-Provider Gaps with Clearwave

Clearwave provides everything your practice needs to streamline the patient experience and bridge provider-patient gaps. With solutions dedicated to every stage of the patient journey, Clearwave will help you transform your practice’s interaction with patients and increase patient satisfaction.

See for yourself how Clearwave helped United Skin Specialists find a digital check-in system that centralized their workflow, leading to more efficient front desk staff. Click here to download the case study!

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