What is a Patient Engagement Platform?

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A patient engagement platform is a digital system that offers a collaborative approach to efficient healthcare service delivery and modern patient communication.  Clearwave’s patient engagement platform offers comprehensive and centralized functionality and enhanced patient access. This enables practices to meet patient satisfaction in the following ways:

Improve the Patient Journey

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Your front office staff’s conventional communication process with patients by phone is no longer practical. Patients want to quickly and conveniently communicate with your practice, and Clearwave’s patient engagement platform lets you make this a reality. The platform’s design establishes a digital front door for your practice and meets patients with streamlined efficiency. It also signals to patients that you place value on patient-centric solutions.

Build Loyalty

Communication using Clearwave’s two-way texting builds strong bonds between your patients and practice. Having a strong and clear patient-provider relationship makes patients want to come back for future care.

Ongoing communication outside your practice promotes care flexibility, makes patients feel more valued and increasing patient satisfaction. This valuable combination starts new patients off on the right foot with your practice and drives long-term patient loyalty.

Increase the Value of Your Practice

Patients value convenience and straightforward access to information. At the same time, they appreciate direct interaction with your practice. Clearwave makes all this possible.

As healthcare shifts to value-based care, practices have more reasons to improve the patient experience. Clearwave’s platform enhances care delivery and increases information efficiency, giving your practice a competitive advantage.

The patient experience drives healthcare consumers towards the practices they choose to return to or recommend to those in their social network, which has a direct positive impact on your bottom line.

Make Your Practice More Efficient


The fact is, running a practice is a great deal of work. Caring for patients, scheduling, paperwork and added repetitive tasks can take a toll on your team. A patient engagement platform from Clearwave simplifies many tasks, reducing your staff’s daily workload. Here are some of the things the platform can make easier:

Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments cost your practice money.  Calling each patient manually to remind them of their upcoming visit is time-consuming. Patients may not even pick up the phone when your practice calls them to remind them of an upcoming visit.

Clearwave removes this burden by automatically sending appointment reminders. Your patients can choose to have appointment reminders sent as text messages or emails, depending on how they prefer to respond. This, in turn, helps to reduce no-shows.

Appointment Scheduling

Before patients step foot in your practice, they have to contact your office to book their appointment, which is often a lengthy interaction on both sides. Patients today prefer to schedule their appointments online at a time that’s most convenient for them. Clearwave enables your patients to do just that with minimal effort.

Filling Out New Patient Paperwork Ahead of Time

First appointments are hectic for many patients because of the paperwork they need to fill out. Clearwave makes life so much easier for new patients by giving them the option of registering online and in advance of their appointment.

Giving new patients the ability to fill out their paperwork in advance will provide your staff with all the information they need ahead of time, and your patients will have one less thing to worry about.

Award-Winning Patient Engagement Platform

Patients are the backbone of your practice. To stand out from the competition and thrive, you need an effective solution for providing patient care. You can create a world-class patient experience and grow your practice using Clearwave’s patient engagement platform to power your practice’s digital front door.

With a flourishing patient engagement platform, you can enhance service delivery in your patients’ journeys. Ready to find out how your practice can delight patients and boost patient satisfaction? Schedule your 30-minute demo with Clearwave today!

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