Should Patient Check-In Lines Be a Thing of the Past?

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Did you know that with Clearwave, your patients can check-in for appointments in as little as three minutes or less? In healthcare, low check-in times reflect efficiency, good digital tools and a commitment to the patient relationship. It’s the satisfying first impression that can boost your reputation and support your practice’s success.

Taking a fresh approach to patient check-in clears up your front desk, and is just one of the many ways our patient engagement platform can help your practice. Keep reading to learn more!

Empower Your Patients with Pre-Check

If you want more satisfied patients and better patient flow, the check-in process is one of the easiest places to start. Checking in has the potential to create unnecessary bottlenecks, especially if patients have to fill out several pages of paperwork before they can see a doctor.

Clearwave Pre-Check solves this problem by allowing your patients to fill out intake forms and documentation from the comfort of their own home or on the go using their mobile phones. Using Pre-Check ensures that your patients’ information is current and completed prior to the day of their appointment.

Patients receive a reminder notification before their appointment to scan or enter the required information. Your practice can personalize the process and gather the right information, integrating with your existing Electronic Medical Record or Practice Management system.

Says one practice administrator, “It’s dramatically improved our check-in efficiency – from 15 minutes down to 3. It’s so fast that we’re thinking about modifying our arrival times to better serve our patients.”

Be a More Competitive Practice

Enabling patients to arrive prepared for their visit can eliminate front desk lines. It also relieves much of the frustration patients may have associated with medical appointments in the past.

Upon entering the office, patients easily check in with Clearwave patient self-registration via Mobile, Kiosk or Tablet. Offering different modalities provides flexibility for everyone’s mobility and comfort levels. Patients who have completed intake with Pre-Check typically check-in in under a minute, using Clearwave to verify their identity and alert the staff that they’re ready to be seen.

A stressless waiting room adds to a better patient experience and contributes to patient growth. With Clearwave, your practice can better manage patient flow and throughput and maximize the time slots in your daily schedules. Your patients will notice how efficiently your practice runs and your staff will appreciate a healthier workflow.
The Bottom Line
Each of these elements – easy intake, quick check-in, satisfying patient experience, greater throughput, optimized schedules and healthier staff functionality – all add up to higher quality and more efficient operations. When you strive to get rid of patient check-in lines at your front desk, Clearwave can take that action further. We’ll help you to drive leaner operations and capture revenue at a digital network of touchpoints.

Check your return on investment based on patient volume and practice resources using our ROI Calculator, or request a demo to see how Clearwave can deliver savings to your practice.

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