Streamlining COVID Vaccine and Flu Shot Delivery Management

The most efficient workflows for high-volume vaccine administration

Clearwave has identified the most efficient workflows for high-volume vaccine delivery. Our customers are successfully using the platform to expertly deliver flu shots and/or COVID vaccinations at high volume. Additionally, Zero-Contact Protocols and Virtual Waiting Rooms can also easily be established to keep patients and staff protected during visits.

How It Works

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Create a Vaccination visit type

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Specify appointment criteria

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Set resources/location
as needed

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Reminder can be generated
for a 2nd dose if needed

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Appointment set with
Clearwave scheduling

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Check-in with
Clearwave Connect

Benefits at a Glance

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High Volume

Accurately process vaccine administration - at a high volume

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No Bottlenecks

Fast check-in (1 - 2.5 minute average), low wait time

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2-Dose Appointment

Manage 2-dose appointments with Clearwave Scheduling

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Easy Check-in

Check-in with Clearwave Connect for Kiosk Tablet or Mobile

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Real-Time Data

Use real-time Cloud-based data collection for reporting, documentation & admin insight


Vaccination Administration Management

Process a high volume of individuals for vaccination

Use scheduling to book and set reminders for second dose appointments.

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COVID-19 Screening Module

Set patient screening questions for symptoms and potential at vaccination scheduling.

Ensure patients' health and safety with COVID-19 screening questions at regular visit check in.

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Activation of Telehealth

Use Clearwave communication to email or text patients with appointment reminders

Include a telehealth link with registration and check-in information prior to the appointment.

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Zero-Contact Patient Intake

For patient and staff safety, digitize patient visits

Use text, email and virtual waiting rooms, as well as digital registration, check-in and payment collection.

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Appointment Scheduling

Provide digital patient access

Allow self-scheduling with careful appointment criteria.

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Patient Communications

Rely on automated text/email for patient appointment reminders

Use templated or personal responses for fast, helpful service.

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