The Importance of Business Decision-Making in Healthcare and the Patient Journey

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For a practice to operate functionally, it must gather accurate patient data that’s up to date. Having up-to-date patient data refers to more than a patient’s specific healthcare needs. It includes their medical records, insurance information, and any number of other points necessary for legal and business purposes. Verifying this information can be a big ask for any practice, even if it’s well-staffed.

However, harnessing this data in a complete and organized way will enable you to apply better business-decision making and provide opportunities to accelerate your practice’s growth. As the healthcare industry continues moving forward, having this data accessibility and a clear picture of patient flow and activity will allow stakeholders to determine future direction and growth opportunities confidently. Keep reading for a better understanding of the importance of business decision-making in healthcare and the patient journey.

How Clearwave Can Be an Asset for Your Practice

Clearwave is a powerful tool to enhance and optimize the work of medical practices It can do all this thoroughly while giving a fresh and convenient interface for both patients when they need it and administrators who will use it every day.

Choosing Clearwave means it can complete several tasks at once, including opening up your practice for smart self-scheduling. Using Clearwave Scheduling allows your patients to book their appointments with ease without staff intervention. During this part of the patient journey, the software will seamlessly help fit patients into the schedule. Information is collected through auto-generated personalized questions developed by our SchedLogic™ Matching Algorithm.

Clearwave features practice management systems and electronic medical record integrations which give your staff access to vast stores of medical records and management systems from over 50 popular sources. Having access to these records ensures your practice is up to date on the patient’s medical history and that the information is used hand in hand with our algorithm when creating the schedule.

It also considers insurance eligibility and restrictions and reimbursement policies. Taking these essential pieces into consideration helps make sure your practice is working at optimal capacity.

All of the information gathered is shared securely and is HIPAA-compliant through our network, lowering costs across the board and equipping your practice to implement more efficient care for your patients.

The Clearwave Dashboard Makes Accessing Information Easy

When your practice gathers data, you also need to be able to absorb it appropriately. That’s why the Clearwave Dashboard makes it straightforward for you and your staff to view relevant information when you need it.

You can access patient statuses, value reports, see an overview of their check-in and much more through the portal. The system will even check for errors in paperwork collected during Pre-Check, which allows patients to check-in before they arrive at your practice for their scheduled appointment.

By choosing Clearwave, you will have the access you need to inform your decision-making during day-to-day operations. You’ll also be able to see the big picture with a real-time overview of how your practice is performing. Clearwave is more than just a platform. It is a strategy to save time, money and make the overall experience of engaging with your practice more enjoyable for patients.

Download the newest guide from Clearwave: Modernizing the Patient Journey – for Better Outcomes and Higher Satisfactions to learn how Clearwave can benefit your practice’s business decisions in healthcare and the patient journey.

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