Using Clearwave to Support Your Staff During the Holidays

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As your practice celebrates this holiday season and is getting ready for the new year, your practice staff is looking forward to some well-deserved time off to spend with family and friends.

How can your practice best maintain operations during the busy holiday season, continuing to care for your patients? The answer is simple. With Clearwave, there’s no need to compromise. Our digital patient engagement tools for better intake, check-in, patient scheduling and automated eligibility verification can help you get through the holidays by streamlining your workflows and enhancing the capabilities of your front desk. Keep reading to find out how using Clearwave can support your staff during the holiday season.

Clearwave Lifts Hours of Scheduling Work

In the past, it may have felt like patient scheduling was time-consuming. But by using Clearwave’s innovative scheduling platform, Clearwave Scheduling, scheduling appointments is efficient and easy. The software expertly manages digital appointment self-scheduling for patients, and can also be used in call centers to improve processes, ease of calls and call times for your agents.

Clearwave Scheduling lets patients self-schedule appointments anytime and anywhere, on a computer, tablet or mobile device. If you’re short-staffed with employees taking time off, or just having a particularly busy month, Clearwave Scheduling manages the work for you and allows you to focus on patients.

Quick Intake and Check-in for Happier Patients and Staff

Your practice can run smoothly using Clearwave’s digital Pre-Check and Check-in to get patients ready for their appointment with electronic intake, completed from home, and bring them in efficiently with Clearwave Connect for kiosk, mobile or tablet to get rid of wait times and lines at your front desk.

Staff can work more productively, with fewer interruptions, and patients have personalized, quick service that integrates with your existing EHR or PM system for a seamless flow and uncrowded waiting areas.

During the holiday season (and flu season), these tools are powerful and lift the burden from your team when everyone tends to feel like they are spread too thin.

Automate Eligibility for Maximum Efficiency

Did you know that instead of having your front desk team check payer websites to see if patients’ insurance information has changed, you can implement Clearwave’s Eligibility-as-a-Service to automate eligibility for the practice?

Clearwave can identify coverage and payment information automatically, up to 7 times per patient encounter, freeing up your staff to work more productively.

With Eligibility-as-a-Service, you can verify primary, secondary and tertiary coverage automatically, and collect co-pays as a patient checks in, buttoning up loose threads and creating clean claims for reduced denials and penalties and securing your day-of-service cash flow.

Clearwave is a comprehensive patient engagement platform that supports your staff and processes with digital tools and automation of your most burdensome tasks. Supporting your staff during the holidays is a great way to create a pleasant workplace and relieve the pressure and stress that may come your way. Implementing a comprehensive digital platform is a great approach to showing your patients that you care about their satisfaction, while caring for your staff and respecting their time at work. And you’ll see the efficiency and productivity benefits in your bottom line.

Learn more about how Clearwave can help your staff succeed this holiday season by scheduling a quick, 30-minute demo with us today!

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