4 Tips to Modernize the Ophthalmology Patient Journey

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You attract patients to your ophthalmology practice with the best of modern technology and exceptional patient-centric service. The elements that put you ahead of the competition should also match the very beginning of your patients’ journey.

Greet your patients with outstanding patient engagement, from the moment they discover your practice online and schedule their first appointment.

Make Scheduling Easy and Convenient

Scheduling is one of the most challenging parts of beginning a healthcare journey for patients and staff. Clearwave Scheduling makes this simple and creates satisfaction.

Clearwave Scheduling can also improve productivity and call times for your call center and cut down on onboarding times for your agents.

Clearwave Scheduling is based on our industry-leading SchedLogic™ technology that supports simple or complex appointment types and is customizable to your practice, practitioners, and scheduling needs.

Pre-Verify Both Medical and Vision Coverage Automatically

Clearwave’s automated eligibility verification is a must for ophthalmology practices, as the only solution that verifies patient eligibility for both medical and vision coverage, including VSP. While an appointment is booked, Clearwave’s Eligibility-as-a-Service automatically checks patient coverage to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. Your practice will be able to create cleaner claims for faster reimbursement and reduce patient frustration. Staff can also run verification at any time, and your practice will always be ready in advance for the day’s appointments.

Reduce Wait Times

With Clearwave patient self-check-in, you can offer your patients a better digital experience that creates convenience and reduces their wait times.

Instead of patients coming in early to fill out a mountain of paperwork or update their information, your ophthalmology patients can pre-register before their appointment from home, completing intake using their own mobile phone or computer. This is an additional benefit for your visually impaired or elderly patients who may rely on a family member or caregiver to assist them with paperwork.

When patients arrive for their visit, use Clearwave Registration for Mobile, Kiosk or Tablet to check them in quickly and seamlessly. Your waiting area can operate more smoothly, without crowding or delays.

Effortlessly Boost Patient Collections

Collecting patient payments can be painless and incorporated into registration or check-in with a card on file.

Digital patient interactions that automatically present co-pays and open balances can be easily taken care of in the same way patients would pay for any other consumer transaction. Electronic patient collection at registration or check-in allows your practice to collect the patient’s financial responsibility before the patient enters an exam room. It eliminates the need for awkward staff requests for payment and makes sure the day’s visits are settled at the end of each day.

Once a patient leaves the office, it requires extra invoicing and staff follow-up to capture payment, and may not always be successful, cutting into a practice’s revenue. Digital patient collections complete payments either before or as a patient checks in, keeping cash flow running smoothly.

It is more important than ever to set your ophthalmology practice apart by engaging with your patients consistently and simplifying the workflows of your staff for better overall experiences. The comprehensive Clearwave platform is specifically designed to improve your ophthalmology practice operations and patient journeys.

Want to find out how Clearwave can help your ophthalmology practice on its quest to modernize the patient journey? Learn more by reading some of the many success stories of ophthalmology practices that have implemented Clearwave.

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