Preparing Your Practice for Flu Season During a Pandemic

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Before the pandemic, practices provided walk-in flu shots. This approach worked perfectly for years. But the traditional way of delivering care is no longer practical because of COVID-19. Now that healthcare professionals have to deal with COVID-19 and the flu simultaneously, this brings more challenges.

Practices are faced with conflicting needs from those coming in for their flu shot and healthcare workers. People are well aware that they need flu shots. However, at the same time, they’re scared about contracting the virus, especially in medical facilities where there’s an influx of patients.

Now practices have to reimagine how they deliver flu shots to their patients and mitigate concerns. Clearwave can help your practice uncomplicate matters with our unparalleled solutions that ensure the safety of patients and caregivers.

Scalable Platform

With Clearwave Registration for Mobile, Tablet or Kiosk, your practice can set up off-site satellite vaccination locations to set up flu shot clinics. Using satellite vaccination locations keeps patients safe, and by utilizing the outdoors, you also reduce the chance of COVID-19 spreading. Clearwave patient self-registration ensures that your practice can handle high-volume vaccination rates by providing efficient workflows.


Clearwave Scheduling puts the ability to schedule appointments like flu shots in your patient’s hands. Clearwave Scheduling provides patients with digital access and allows patients self-scheduling options with careful appointment criteria that your practice can dictate. Self-scheduling options give your patients the control they want while logging into Clearwave’s platform from wherever they are.

They’ll be able to safely book their appointment on their own, leaving your staff more time to help patients who need care.

Zero-Contact Patient Intake

The flu on its own is dangerous, making it necessary for your patients to receive their flu shots. Minimizing contact between patient intake as much as possible is essential for reducing potential exposure to COVID-19.

The solution to bridging the gap while meeting the needs of your patients is to offer zero-contact patient intake.

By digitizing patient visits, patients can maintain social distancing and feel safer at your practice. Zero-contact patient intake offering can include using text, email, and virtual waiting rooms to reduce patient interaction as much as possible. It also covers digital registration, check-in, and payment collection to protect your patients before, during, and after their appointments.

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Reduce your patient’s risk of exposure to COVID-19 while waiting for their appointment to get a flu shot by setting up virtual waiting rooms. Clearwave can help implement Virtual Waiting Rooms to manage the flow of patients in and out of your practice. Patients can remain in their cars with virtual waiting rooms until they’re called in to get their flu shot.

Using virtual waiting rooms limits the risk of exposure for patients and your staff.

Get Your Practice Ready for Flu Season with Clearwave

Now more than ever, your patients expect easy access, fast intake, and speed when they see your doctors. Apart from receiving exceptional service from other industries, they’ve also experienced large-scale vaccinations done with incredible efficiency. Medical practices that lag will likely lose patients to providers who’ve leveraged best-in-class technology to deliver services, including flu shots.

Want your practice to roll out vaccination programs that are truly efficient, regardless of how many are being given? Click here to learn more about how Clearwave is streamlining COVID-19 vaccine and flu shot delivery management!

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