The New Patient Normal

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Virtual care is now essential in delivering care and enhancing the patient experience.

The use of telehealth, virtual waiting rooms, appointment reminders and two-way texting has surged in the new patient normal. These digital solutions allow not only for safer care, but also for the delivery of more efficient and convenient healthcare for all.

The new patient normal blends safety and convenience, providing more patient-centric care. Healthcare is being delivered in new and exciting ways; here’s how Clearwave can help make it even easier:

Virtual Waiting Rooms

With the spread of COVID-19, practices had to invest in solutions that curbed the spread of the virus. One such tool is a Virtual Waiting Room. By adopting a Virtual Waiting Room, your practice can help maintain social distancing, protecting the health of patients and staff.

In an oncology clinic, this could mean less exposure to any germs and bacteria for immunocompromised patients. Virtual waiting rooms keep at-risk patients safe from unnecessary exposure.

For patients across any vertical, this may just mean the opportunity to relax in solitude prior to an appointment instead of in a bustling waiting room.

Patients can check in on their phones and then remain in their car until the doctor is ready to see them. All they need to do is wait for a text message from your staff to alert them that they can come inside. Virtual Waiting Rooms are contact-free ways to keep all patients safe before coming in for their appointment.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are essential to increasing patient attendance and keeping your patients informed. In many cases, phone calls go to voicemail and can waste precious time for medical staff.

Instead, communicate with your patients on the platforms that they use the most! Send appointment reminders by email or text message. Not only can appointment reminders be a friendly nudge regarding an upcoming appointment, but they can also be used to communicate pre-check information that saves time at the office.

Your staff can easily and quickly send appointment reminders with Clearwave that are more effective and trackable – we’ll take care of the schematics while you focus on your patients.

Two-Way Texting

Demand is high for convenient communication tools that are both private and secure. HIPAA-compliant two-way texting is a convenient, easy way to meet pages where they are and deliver a better patient experience.

Two-way texting allows practices to send after-care instructions to patients, inform companions of completed procedures or send alerts. Clearwave’s HIPAA compliant two-way texting software streamlines communication while delivering a better patient experience.

No portals, no inboxes. Just quick, convenient communication.


We believe the telehealth boom is here to stay. Although telehealth doesn’t work for every visit type, it can be quite helpful for quick visual diagnostics, consulting and assessments. This could include assessing a patient’s breathing or evaluating a skin rash.

You can offer telehealth as part of Clearwave’s patient check-in process. Whether you have patients that are at-risk and don’t feel comfortable coming into your physical practice, or others that may live further away, telehealth can be an excellent way to continue caring for patients virtually. The option for telehealth appointments gives patients the power to choose their experience and opt for what feels right for them, whether travel is difficult, time is tight or an in-office visit falls outside of their comfort zone.

You can even send telehealth links right to your patients through text message or email with Clearwave, making telehealth appointments easier than ever.

Use Clearwave to Build Patient Engagement

We work tirelessly to build patient engagement tools that help build the patient experience and give practices their time back. Our seamless virtual care applications enable your practice to deliver streamlined, convenient care while keeping patients safe.

Want to know more about how Clearwave can help your practice standardize the new patient normal of care? Schedule a thirty-minute demo with Clearwave to learn more.

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