Tools to Reduce Turnover and Strain on Practice Admin Staff

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The healthcare sector has been hard-hit by staffing shortages and hiring challenges, placing strain on practice operations and talented front-desk staff. With the right tools, practices can cope with these challenges and help to reduce turnover and burnout among key employees.

The key is improving workflows. By “rescuing” staff hours and empowering your team, you can improve workflows and allow your staff to focus on high-value activities. Improving these workflows can yield happier, more productive staff with higher satisfaction and reduced burnout.

With more time to do the things that matter, like take care of patients, your team can focus on delivering an exceptional patient experience that leaves everyone satisfied.

Below are some of the digital tools that can help reduce strain on your practice, administrative staff, while increasing efficiency on a practice level:

Online Patient Scheduling

When your practice allows patients to self-schedule their appointments with tools like Clearwave Scheduling, the process becomes much smoother and reduces the use of employee hours on scheduling tasks.

This prevents the domino effect of increased workloads, delayed schedules, long wait times, and dissatisfied patients.

Self-scheduling empowers your patients to become more active in their care. At the same time, it minimizes administrative work. With automated processes like online scheduling that work behind the scenes, your staff will have less on their plate and better morale!

Self-Service Patient Check-In

Standard patient check-in can take up to 20 minutes for a patient – this can reduce the number of patients seen in a day and requires unnecessary staff involvement in the check-in process.

Offer your practice and administrative staff, a healthy work-life balance by overhauling your check-in process. Clearwave offers top-of-the-line solutions, including Clearwave Registration for Mobile, Tablet, and Kiosk. This flexible tool improves the patient intake process and reduces the administrative burden for your front office staff.

With Clearwave’s easy-to-use technology, patients can efficiently check in to appointments without needing help from your staff. You’ll lighten the workload of your employees while allowing your patients to see their physicians with as little frustration and stress as possible. When your team isn’t overburdened with work, they’ll feel proud of the job that they do every day and have more time to cultivate a personalized patient experience.

Appointment Reminders

Is your administrative staff spending precious time placing calls to remind patients of upcoming appointments? Solve the problem and cut down on busy work by adding appointment reminders from Clearwave. Clearwave’s appointment reminders are customizable and automated.

That means patients can receive reminders by email or text message, helping to reduce no-shows at your practice. You’ll save both time and money when your administrative staff no longer needs to call every single patient. Your staff will have more time to help patients when they are at your office and be able to answer patient questions.

Two-Way Texting

Investing in Clearwave’s two-way texting software will provide patients with a way to easily communicate with your practice, improving patient experience. It will also reduce call volume tremendously, which will minimize work strain on your team.

Two-way texting is a safe way for your patients to communicate directly with their doctor without needing to download a separate application or remember another login. Patients can ask questions and have their doctor reply. When patients feel like they are being heard, they won’t feel the need to call your practice for answers to every question they may have.

Leverage Clearwave to Reduce Staff Turnover

With Clearwave, your practice can reduce administration staff turnover and increase patient satisfaction. You’ll also minimize the cost of recruiting new employees and boost morale among existing staff.

Looking for more insight to increase job satisfaction? Download our ‘4 Tips to Combat Healthcare Front Desk Staffing and Recruiting Challenges in 2021’!

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