6 Critical Steps for an Efficient Patient Check-In

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Patient check-in can be the difference between a high patient attrition rate and loyal patients who even refer others to you. An efficient experience can considerably increase the satisfaction levels patients have for your practice. Here are six essential steps to make your practice more efficient when checking in patients.

1.    Reminders

Most of your patients don’t intentionally miss their appointments – but they can occasionally forget them. The first proactive step to keep your practice running smoothly is to send patients automatic reminders about upcoming visits. You can request confirmation of their next appointment via text or email.

A confirmation helps to keep your schedule optimized and helps your patients to keep track of their appointment. Sending timely, customized appointment reminders drastically reduces the number of no-show appointments each day and improves practice efficiency at the same time.

With a confirmation, patients can also begin the check-in process without waiting for the day of the appointment.

2.    Pre-Registration

Traditional manual patient registration is prone to data entry errors and tedious for both patients and front office staff. But a top-of-the-line digital solution like Clearwave’s Pre-Check empowers practices to offer a user-friendly intuitive self-check-in experience.

With a few simple clicks, your patients will quickly enter registration information such as their drivers’ license and insurance information. Additionally, you can easily add questions tailored to your particular workflows.

Your patients will be able to conveniently complete their information from anywhere and in their own time, enabling greater accuracy.

3.    Overview

A consolidated dashboard is a powerful tool that automates data capture and allows your front desk to control activities right from their desktops. As such, your practice can prepare for the day’s visits effectively using the information collected ahead of time.

The dashboard enables your staff to see patients’ verified insurance information, completed demographic and insurance information, signatures for treatment and outstanding balances, and any flags where updates or further information is needed.

Your staff can also monitor check-in status and fill open slots at any time. Less time is spent double-checking on things with patients when staff has all the information right at their fingertips in a clear, easy-to-understand overview.

4.    Arrival

Once a patient arrives for the scheduled appointment, there are several ways to welcome them in for their visit. Your practice can continue to leverage safety protocols, or guide the patient expertly when they enter the practice. These opportunities pave the way for a smooth entrance and visit, enhancing the patient experience.

5.    Check-In

Patients can self-check-in using Clearwave Connect for mobile, or in-office using Clearwave Connect for kiosk or tablet. These secure, patient-centric technologies ensure a convenient and more efficient check-in. Your patients will be thrilled with the quick, effortless patient intake process.

6.    Visit

Your patients can text your practice to inform staff they have arrived before coming into the building. This will considerably reduce the amount of time spent in waiting rooms. At the same time, your team can control the number of people inside your clinic, simplifying social distancing in the wake of the pandemic. Even if your front office is busy, patients will still see their check-in status. Once their appointment is ready, the staff will let patients know when to come in.

Delight Your Patients with Clearwave

By embracing a frictionless and efficient check-in process, you’ll significantly improve the patient experience and motivate patients to return. With Clearwave, patient check-in becomes seamless and easy and increases satisfaction for your patients and your staff, as well.

Find out how well your practice can drive efficiency and patient satisfaction with Clearwave —try our ROI calculator!

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