Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center to Present Patient Access Solutions at Becker’s ASC Conference

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ATLANTA — (BUSINESS WIRE) October 5, 2018 — Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center, a gastroenterology Ambulatory Surgery Center, has selected Clearwave Corporation’s patient access solutions to help launch a new, state-of-the art patient check-in system that caters to patient needs. Brandon Beshear, Administrator for Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center, will be presenting data, demonstrating outcomes Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center has seen following their adoption of Clearwave technology at the upcoming Becker’s ASC Conference in Chicago, Illinois, on October 20 at 10:15 a.m.

Clearwave’s patient access solutions which include self-service registration and eligibility verification via kiosk, desktop and mobile allow patients to quickly and easily provide necessary information for check-in. Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center front desk staff concentrate on assisting patients with important insurance verification and follow-up processes, instead of spending their time scanning, copying and performing other clerical tasks that are time consuming. The enhanced patient check-in process helps improve the patient experience, decrease patient wait times and produce a more efficient insurance verification and eligibility process.

“We conducted a thorough analysis of the options before selecting Clearwave,” Beshear says. “We were committed to providing our patients with the best possible care from the moment they walk into our offices. We knew we needed to make an investment in the future. Now that we have implemented Clearwave, our receptionists can focus on our patients, and we have eliminated a scheduling backlog. Patient check-in is taking approximately three minutes at the kiosk and less than two minutes with Mobile Pre-Check™,” Beshear continued. “Additionally, we have seen a significant increase in coordination of care by having our referral patients start the Mobile Pre-Check™ process at their affiliated doctor. The bottom line is that we could not manually coordinate benefits as well as Clearwave does automatically.”

“We understand that improving patient access and revenue cycle management are one in the same,” says Gerard White, CEO for Clearwave Corporation. “We are honored that Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center is willing to share their experiences with other healthcare providers at the Becker’s Conference in Chicago. We have successfully blended quality self-service with efficiency that helps both the patient and the healthcare provider realize dramatic improvements.”

Clearwave will be attending the Becker’s ASC Conference from October 18-20, 2018. To learn more about Clearwave’s solutions, stop by booth 8T.

About Clearwave
Clearwave is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is the leading provider of Patient Information Exchange software, kiosk, mobile, and desktop self-service solutions. Clearwave’s Patient Information Exchange software integrates with healthcare provider existing systems and processes to verify patient demographics, insurance and payment information resulting in improved cash flow and administrative processes while enhancing patient experiences. Please visit www.clearwaveinc.com for more information.

About Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center
Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center is located near Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas. Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center is committed to providing safe care for our patients. Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center is accredited by Medicare and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). It opened in 2005 and treats about 8,000 patients annually with a staff of 8 physicians. To learn more about Wichita Falls Endoscopy Center visit www.wfendocenter.com.


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