Use Automatic Appointment Reminders & Communications to Bring in More Patients

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By Chloe From Clearwave | August 7, 2023

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, effective communication is crucial for getting patients back in the office, increasing patient value and fostering loyalty. Alongside automatic appointment reminders, healthcare providers have an array of communication tools at their disposal to increase patient revenue and satisfaction. 

Recent statistics highlight the significance of digital channels in patient-provider interactions. An astounding 80% of respondents prefer to use digital channels to communicate with healthcare providers at least some of the time. This trend is further supported by 44% of respondents expressing a preference for digital communications the majority of the time.

See how high-growth practices leverage automatic appointment reminders and other digital communication tools to attract and retain more patients!

Get Strategic With Automatic Appointment Reminders

Patient appointment reminders not only help patients stay informed about their upcoming appointments but also enable healthcare providers to streamline their operations and optimize their schedules. A proven appointment reminder tool plays a crucial role in getting patients to their appointments on time, effectively speeding up the throughput and ensuring a well-organized schedule. This streamlined approach minimizes waiting times and optimizes the use of valuable healthcare resources.

Secondly, these reminders significantly reduce the rate of no-shows, a persistent challenge for healthcare practices. By sending timely notifications and allowing patients to confirm or reschedule their appointments, healthcare providers can maximize their appointment slots, leading to improved patient care and increased revenue.

Automatic appointment reminders go beyond just notifying patients of their appointments. They also deliver convenience by offering additional features such as links to telehealth appointments or patient pre-check. These functionalities empower patients by providing easy access to virtual visits or enabling them to complete necessary paperwork ahead of time. 

Smart appointment reminder tools let you customize the patient arrival times in your messages, meaning if you need them to come in 15 minutes early, based on an appointment type, you can adjust the message and get patients in your office right when you need them! Beyond customizable arrival times, ensure your reminders tool allows you to customize the message itself. For example, you could add a customized note, based on appointment type to let patients know to fast before their appointment or bring in their current eyewear for their fitting! Whatever specialized needs you may have for patients, customize your reminders and text messages to keep them informed, and of course, on time for their appointments. By leveraging technology for efficient communication, healthcare providers can ensure that appointment reminders reach patients through their preferred channels, be it voice phone calls, email or text messages. This automation not only saves valuable time for staff but also enhances the patient experience by delivering personalized and timely reminders.

Automatic appointment reminders eliminate the need for manual intervention. This technology-driven approach ensures accuracy, reduces human error and gives your staff more time in a day. As a result, crowded front desks become a thing of the past, freeing up valuable resources and improving overall workflow efficiency.

See how one practice used reminders to reduce no-shows to the point where their physicians took notice!

Promote New Offerings & Keep Patients in the Loop With Broad Patient Messaging

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, effective communication is a vital aspect of high-growth practices. Many practices are now turning to one-to-many messaging solutions, reaping multiple benefits for patients and providers alike. Mass messaging empowers practices to effortlessly connect with their broad patient base, providing crucial updates, highlighting new offerings, and fostering meaningful patient interactions, all while minimizing marketing costs and administrative workload.

The convenience of a smart broad patient messaging solution proves particularly valuable in environments with high staff turnover and limited resources. Through a centralized dashboard, healthcare providers gain flexibility in sending bulk messages promptly or scheduling them in advance, enabling precise control over communication efforts. Customization options allow practices to personalize messages, include relevant links, and time messages perfectly, while also targeting specific patient groups based on appointment types, dates, or times.

This versatile messaging approach supports text, email, or voice communication, catering to diverse patient preferences and optimizing overall communication efficiency. Furthermore, multiple languages are supported, ensuring inclusivity and seamless interactions with patients from various linguistic backgrounds.

Broad patient messaging serves many important purposes that improve patient care and make managing the practice easier. Immediate updates keep patients informed about office closures, emergency alerts, or sudden weather changes, allowing patients to adjust their schedules accordingly. These updates provide valuable information about local events, traffic, or any relevant details, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Additionally, practices can leverage this platform to announce new services, share practice updates, and deliver essential information, fostering loyalty and trust among patients. Sending specific messages to certain patients helps promote premium services or practice promotions without spending more money on marketing. This, in turn, encourages more patients to use these services and improves patient engagement.

In cases of last-minute changes or appointment scheduling adjustments, broad patient messaging allows for prompt notifications and provides scheduling links for easy rebooking. This ensures minimal disruptions to patient care and enhances practice operations.

By incorporating the efficiency and convenience of broad patient messaging, high-growth practices significantly enhance patient satisfaction, reduce missed appointments, and optimize overall practice efficiency. Seamless communication strengthens patient-provider relationships, positioning practices as leaders in patient-centric care.

Elevate Your Patient Recalls Strategy

In addition to appointment reminders, healthcare providers have a powerful tool at their disposal to optimize patient retention and maximize scheduling efficiency: recalls.

Patient recall systems enable practices to automatically communicate with existing patients and encourage them to book their next appointments, minimizing patient attrition without burdening staff. Automated recall systems run in the background, seamlessly enrolling patients in a cadence that keeps the practice top-of-mind for their next visit. 

Once a patient completes their initial appointment check-in, they are automatically enrolled in the recall system according to a predetermined cadence based on appointment type. After a set time frame, determined by your practice, patients will receive customized text and email messages, letting them know it’s time to book their next wellness appointment. These messages can be personalized to include specific details, patient and physician names and instructions, all to increase the chances that patients book their next appointment.

To simplify the booking process, recall messages can include a phone number and scheduling link, enabling patients to quickly and easily schedule their next visit upon receiving the recall – while it’s top-of-mind! This streamlined approach increases patient compliance and improves overall satisfaction by providing an efficient experience.

By leveraging recall systems, healthcare providers can proactively reduce attrition and ensure patients receive timely reminders to help them stay on top of their healthcare plan, and schedule their next appointment. In practical terms, patient attrition in the US hovers around 17%. Following the statstics, if a practice has around 2,000 active patients, in one year, approximately 340 patients might fail to return.

By implementing recall systems, practices can mitigate this attrition and maintain stronger connections with their patient base, ultimately leading to improved practice success and better patient care. This approach not only enhances patient retention rates but also optimizes physician schedules, helping to keep patient revenue streams consistent and provide better patient outcomes.

Enhance Patient Engagement with Two-Way Texting

In the modern healthcare landscape, effective patient communication requires personalized and timely communication. Two-way texting serves as a powerful tool to streamline communication, increase appointment attendance rates and enhance patient satisfaction and loyalty. Through two-way texting, healthcare providers can establish meaningful connections with patients by engaging in real-time conversations. This personalized approach allows practices to address individual patient needs, provide relevant instructions and offer support. 

Additionally, by incorporating two-way texting into their communication strategies, healthcare providers can optimize patient engagement, strengthen relationships, and cultivate loyalty. This approach ensures that patients receive the personalized and timely communication they desire, resulting in improved healthcare outcomes and a positive patient experience.

Harnessing the Power of Automated Communications for Practice Growth

Communication is extremely important in healthcare in this day in age for attracting new patients and ensuring patient loyalty. Automatic communication, such as appointment reminders, recalls and two-way texting play a vital role in streamlining operations, increasing appointment attendance rates and boosting revenue. By adopting automated communications, healthcare providers can unlock the potential for more patients. Additionally, by leveraging these tools, providers can expand and retain their patient base, strengthening their position in the competitive healthcare market.

Take control of your patient engagement and unlock the potential for growth. Discover how Clearwave’s innovative patient communications solutions can help you increase appointment attendance and enhance patient satisfaction. Request a demo today and revolutionize your patient interactions!

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