3 Steps to Increase Patient Adoption of Self-Registration 

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By Blakely Roth | July, 26, 2023

Across industries, consumer-facing organizations are embracing self-service solutions to solve staffing complications and increase revenue. The healthcare industry is no exception. High-growth specialty practices are seeing significant improvements to patient data capture, collections and throughput simply by offering patient self-registration.  

This success is highly dependent on patient adoption of self-service methods of checking in. If you’re considering adding patient pre-check and self-registration into your practice workflows, your return on investment relies on high patient utilization. See the steps you can take to encourage patient adoption. 

96% Patient Utilization of Self-Registration & 31% Increase in Co-Pay Collections

In this recent conversation on “4 Ways Patient Self-Registration Helps Growing Practices”, Mary Ann McNeill, Practice Manager at Cary Dermatology, shares the actions that helped their practice achieve a 96% increase in patient utilization of self-service registration — despite having a high elderly patient population. 

Today, the practice has increased co-pay collection by 31% and dropped their average check-in time to just over two minutes. Here are the top action steps from the conversation that you can use to boost patient adoption of self-registration at your practice.

Read Cary Dermatology’s story here to gain insights you can leverage to accelerate your practice’s cash flow and reduce staff burdens (and churn!)

1. Be Strategic About the Placement of Self-Registration Kiosks & Signage

To encourage this high patient adoption of self-registration, Cary Dermatology placed kiosks in a way where they were immediately noticed upon walking into the practice. This placement helps the practice retain high patient usage of self-registration, helping the organization achieve its goals of cleaner data capture, increased collections and reduced staff workloads. Watch the clip below for McNeill’s top action steps.


2. Encourage Pre-Check & Payment Collection

McNeill emphasizes how critical it is to promote pre-check whenever you can. The more you can encourage patients to pre-check at home, the faster and more streamlined their in-office experience will be, which benefits the patient and the practice. McNeill also details how starting the payment conversation, via self-registration, helps their practice remove complications around payment collection and speed up in-office wait times. Hear her top recommendations in this clip!


3. Show Staff the Benefit of Self-Registration

If you’re planning to launch self-registration at your practice, staff may feel concerned that their job is at stake, when in reality their daily workload is about to improve! Help them see the benefit of self-registration so they encourage patient adoption in the front office. In this clip, McNeill shares how self-registration has reduced staff stress, removed payment collection challenges and minimized the tedium of checking in hundreds of patients a day. 


Bonus Tip: Realign Staff Responsibilities

Instead of having to check in an endless line of patients, self-registration frees up staff’s time. With more manageable day-to-day responsibilities, you can give your staff the opportunity to expand their knowledge in other areas of the business. In the below clip, McNeill shares how removing repetitive tasks and giving staff new opportunities has made administrative roles more enjoyable. 


Tips to Boost Patient Adoption of Self-Registration

High patient usage of pre-registration and self-check-in helps patients see their providers faster. At the same time, high utilization helps practices capture cleaner data for improved claims processing and increase collections — all while dropping staff workloads and churn. If you’re working to boost patient and staff adoption of Cleareave, use this guide to further fuel your success. See how the most successful practice leaders and C-suite executives achieve their desired revenue outcomes, faster, by boosting patient adoption!

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