Navigating Healthcare Vaccine Updates and Staffing Shortages in 2022

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Using the right patient engagement platform means enabling your workers to multitask while reducing their overall workload. You can trim unnecessary labor to maximize profits while creating a more structured environment that improves worker and patient satisfaction.

Keeping these priorities can also decrease turnover and increase patient return rates. Stay ahead of staffing shortages and vaccine updates by following some of these recommendations!

Attract New Staff While Retaining Experienced Members

Staff members are so much more than people trained to push the correct buttons at the right times. They introduce how your practice is run and your patients’ first interaction with your healthcare practice. Who you select to be a team member can significantly impact patient loyalty and satisfaction. It’s vital to set your team up for success if you want patients to keep returning.

Clearwave helps with employee retention by giving them the tools to excel and automate everything they don’t need to focus on. Employees stay at jobs that make them feel valued. Your team’s potential new members will want to see that your practice is organized and filled with a happy staff!

Give Access to Patients While Liberating Your Employees

Scheduling appointments is one of the most significant strains on your employee’s workloads. Patients’ constantly shifting needs can make it challenging for seasoned professionals to keep pace with the target workflow. Clearwave Scheduling allows patients to book their appointments quickly and easily, without needing to wait for a time that is inconvenient for them anyway.

Your practice can remain in control of the schedule without dedicating extra time and energy to its upkeep.

Simplify Your Practice

One of the first things that can suffer is patient wait time if your practice is understaffed. Being understaffed can have consequences across the board. Staff and patients may become frustrated because your schedule runs behind. The result is longer wait times and patients feeling like their time is wasted.

You can target wait times at the source by empowering your patients with Pre-Check from Clearwave. This allows your patients to fill in forms before their appointment independently by using simple guided interaction. You can further simplify the check-in process by offering Clearwave Registration to reduce patient wait times.

Patients will appreciate sending their data securely without the interruption of having to create an account or download an app. Your front desk will be able to allocate their time to more critical administrative duties. You can also collect payment while allowing patients to update their insurance information quickly with Clearwave for Tablet or Kiosk.

Using Clearwave patient self-registration ensures that there is always a steady cash flow coming in and out of your practice. Automating this process as much as possible takes extra stress off your team and enables them to do their jobs more efficiently.

Get the Data You Need to Grow

You need to know what areas you excel in and where your practice needs to improve when fixing problem areas. This is especially prudent during periods of instability. You and your staff can easily access information with the Clearwave Dashboard, getting valuable insight into patient activity and revenue data. Having this data can help you strategize for 2022.

Learn more about how to use digital solutions to help your staff and patients in 2022 by downloading Clearwave’s new whitepaper, Healthcare Worker Vaccine Update-How to Continue Excellent Patient Care!

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