How Using an Automated Orthopedics Patient Engagement Platform Improves Patient Experience

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Your orthopedics practice relies not only on attracting new patients to stay profitable but also on encouraging those patients to keep coming back. The best way to target patient retention and profitability simultaneously is by adopting a practice management platform that engages directly with your patients. Engaging with patients at their level addresses their needs by opening up prompt lines of communication.

It also streamlines their visit to their practice and gives them the most options. Clearwave can help you accomplish this while accelerating your cash flow and ensuring your orthopedics practice stays lean and efficient.

Eligibility-as-a-Service Verifies Info Quickly and Accurately

Having a reliable cash flow running into your practice keeps things running smoothly. Hiccups with insurance information can delay that revenue and cause problems further down the line. Insurance Eligibility-as-a-Service from Clearwave checks multiple levels of a patient’s benefits in real-time an average of seven times when they engage with the platform.

This prevents unexpected scenarios when it comes time to pay. It also automates the process for your staff while decreasing insurance claim denials by up to 90%. Relying on automation and more accurate data collection will give your team more time to focus on higher value and smarter activities like patient care. Decreased insurance claim denials also mean improving collection rates by up to 65%.

Pre-Check Keeps Things Moving at Your Orthopedic Practice

Your patients want to spend their time seeing their orthopedist. Make the most of their appointment by minimizing their time waiting to check-in. The simple solution is to allow patients to access their forms using Pre-Check.

Pre-Check will enable patients to fill out forms the day before their appointment using their mobile devices in the comfort of their homes. Patients receive a text message or email with a link to instantly verify their information with guided inputs when using Pre-Check from Clearwave. Your staff receives their data in real-time.

Your practice can even customize patient workflows or offer premium services with Pre-Check. Patients fill out their information once, meaning they won’t have to fill out redundant forms repeatedly. They are already in your system and saved!

Give Power to Your Patients with Scheduling While Staying in Control

One of the easiest ways to empower your patients is to give them the power to self-schedule their appointments. Self-scheduling is convenient while making your patients the priority. Clearwave Scheduling is accessible 24/7 to your patients and allows them to book visits in real-time instead of “requesting” an appointment and waiting for a response.

Embed Clearwave’s online patient scheduling solution on your website or mobile app to make your practice instantly searchable. The software ensures that patients and providers are matched accordingly while incorporating health system needs to schedule appointments. Smart scheduling is easy to use for both patients and your orthopedic practice.

Clearwave Opens a Digital Front Door for Your Patients

Emphasizing simplicity and convenience is something that new and returning patients alike will notice. Clearwave gives you the tools you need to navigate your practice naturally and intuitively.

Instead of being inundated with technical jargon and a clunky user interface, the system guides your patients through the necessary steps to take to get the care they need quickly and securely. Your patients are much more likely to use a door when it opens easily.

Find out more about how Clearwave’s patient engagement platform can transform your orthopedic practice by calculating your return on investment. Try out our Return on Investment Calculator here!

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