How A Digital Check-In System Can Help Your Ophthalmology Practice

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Ophthalmology practices see a wide range of patients with different needs. Practices should have an efficient workflow to manage the demand for eye care services and create an exceptional patient experience.

Clearwave’s digital check-in system will streamline your workflow, enabling your practice to make every patient encounter not only efficient but also productive.

Benefits of A Digital Check-in System for Your Ophthalmology Practice

Digital check-in has never been as important for minimizing the risk of exposure to viral infections. It also gives patients peace of mind knowing that your practice is taking the necessary precautions to ensure their safety. The following are other ways Clearwave’s digital check-in system can help your practice:

Better Patient Experience

With a manual check-in system, patients must walk into your practice, engage with front-office employees and fill out their paperwork before seeing the doctor. If your staff is on the phone or busy, this may lead to impatient and frustrated patients.

When it comes to digital check-in, patients can notify staff of their arrival, confirm and update check-in details such as vision insurance information, address, driver’s license and health status as well as sign patient consent forms.

Reduce Workload of Front Office Staff

A manual check-in process constantly interrupts front office employees. Your staff juggles paperwork, phone calls, and other tasks while providing service to patients. With a digital check-in system, these interruptions significantly decrease. Instead of spending their time trying to get five things half-completed, your team can focus on tasks that improve your practice and patient relations.

Make Data Transfer Easier


Digital check-in makes it easier to transfer updates about patient data straight from Clearwave’s kiosk, mobile, or tablet options to your EHR for increased efficiency. You never have to worry about file tracking, updating, and organizing because it happens automatically.

Your employees can easily share updated records from the waiting room directly to the patient exam room. Ophthalmologists will no longer have to worry that they have inaccurate patient records when they see patients.

Faster, More Accurate Benefits and Eligibility Verification


Clearwave’s digital check-in has simplified managing patient vision eligibility. The system automatically streamlines verification and minimizes your team’s manual workload. Insurance verification at the point of service reduces incidences of denied and pending claims and gets your practice paid faster.

Digital check-in also provides you with benefit information such as deductibles and coinsurance. Clearwave’s system checks vision eligibility seven times before a patient sees the ophthalmologist. If there are eligibility issues, your staff is updated and provided with the tools needed to manage errors.

Increased Patient Satisfaction


Digital check-in is time-saving and improves patient satisfaction levels. The wait time for a new patient is about two hours. Your staff must contact the patient’s vision insurance company to confirm eligibility.

This is not a quick task, as it takes time for staff on the phone to verify and confirm eligibility. Don’t forget about all the paperwork involved as well. Clearwave’s digital check-in eliminates unnecessary manual processes, reducing patient check-in time by 85 percent.

Helping You Deliver an Unmatched Patient Experience

Treating patients and ensuring their well-being is at the heart of any reputable ophthalmology practice. As an ophthalmologist, streamlining your processes will go a long way in helping you offer the level of care your patients expect.

Clearwave is dedicated to providing you with a customized digital check-in system to ensure you deliver the best patient experience. To explore your options, schedule a demo with us today.

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