Driving Premium Service Revenue Without Ad Spend

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Most practices leverage Google or Social Media ads with a monthly ad spend in order to increase their premium service volume. However, there is another way! 

Targeted digital messaging can increase your premium service appointments and revenue, all from your existing patient base. 

What Are Premium Services?

Premium services are identified as elective or cash-paying procedures. For example, comprehensive ophthalmology practices consider LASIK and Botox premium services outside of an annual eye exam. 

How to Identify Patients Interested in Premium Services

Online patient check-in systems provide a self-service option for patients. With this technology, patients can sign in for their scheduled appointment without directly communicating with your staff. The check-in system provides a unique educational opportunity to gauge patient interest in premium services. 

When To Ask About Premium Services

Traditionally, the staff is responsible for asking the patient if they are interested in a premium service. There are a few potential concerns with staff handling these requests. 

The first is that it takes time for the staff to discuss the service prior to gauging the patient’s interest. There is also room for human error when staff get busy and are trying to get to the purpose of the appointment. Secondly, asking about premium services like Botox can sound offensive to patients who may not have been thinking about it. 

The option to ask in an educational manner on an online check-in system eliminates both of the concerns above. The patient can simply check yes or no without having to tell a staff member. 

Targeting The Right Demographic

Premium services are usually best suited for a specific demographic. For example, LASIK or other types of laser vision correction is often targeted toward individuals between the ages of 18-45 who wear glasses or contact lenses. 

Since the check-in system connects to the practice management system, practices can target a specific age group and appointment type when trying to gauge interest.

How to Engage With Patients Interested in Premium Services

Consider a patient visiting an ophthalmology clinic for a routine eye exam. Using an online check-in system, the patient is asked the question: “Would you like to learn about LASIK or Laser Vision Correction?” 

If the patient were to select “yes, ” the check-in system can alert the staff and doctor to discuss the service. Using a CRM is beneficial, as it can assist in the process of following up with the patient after their appointment. 

A CRM can also send an email drip campaign to educate and entice the patient to move forward with the premium service. 

How Does a Patient Check-In System Increase Premium Service Revenue?

Simply put, using the automation of a patient check-in system, you can quickly identify interest from your existing patient base. As another benefit, this can be accomplished without spending a single dollar on ad campaigns. 

A Real-Life Example

A comprehensive ophthalmology clinic spent $20,000 per month on Google and Social Media ads to increase their volume of LASIK surgery leads. The practice added a question to their check-in kiosk, specifically asking patients if they are interested in learning more about LASIK. 

During the first 30 days, the practice received more than 267 notifications that their existing patient base was interested. This provided the practice with official leads that could likely translate to more premium service revenue. 

Learn More About Driving Premium Service Revenue without Ad Spend from a recent Webinar.

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