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By Blakely Roth | January 31, 2023

Our goal is to ensure all of our clients and their administrative staff feel comfortable and confident using Clearwave. The CAREcommunity helps make this goal possible, 24/7.

In the CAREcommunity, your practice staff can self-service any technical needs or get answers to questions about Clearwave. You’ll see up-to-date, curated resources, along with pictures and videos that you can use to quickly solve a problem or get an answer. As a sneak peek of the CAREcommunity that Clearwave customers have access to, we’ve compiled best practices, tips and tricks, all of which you can find in more detail on in the CAREcommunity.

If you’re a Clearwave customer, save this resource, but also leverage the CAREcommunity, or point your staff there, anytime you need additional information on Clearwave. Easily access the CAREcommunity through your Clearwave Dashboard.

Must-know tips and tricks

In the CAREcommunity, navigate to the “FAQs, Best Practices & New Features” section for more detailed information, videos, pictures and how-to’s on each of these insights. Below is just a preview of the commonly accessed tips and tricks that our customers often find helpful.

1. Save Most-used Queries in Your Reports

To make it easier to pull your eligibility and flag reports, we suggest saving them as Saved Queries. This way, instead of having to re-do your settings every day, all you’ll need to do is find the query and change your date range. You’ll also be given the option to keep the saved query for your use only or to make it public so other administrative staff can easily select that saved query as well.

Note: Navigate to the Reports tab to use this tip.

2. Dashboard Organization

You can filter the Clearwave Scheduling Dashboard (under the Visit List) to see specific patients based on the parameters you’re looking for. Filters can be used in combination or individually. For example, you could filter out patients who have already checked out or filter check-ins to only see patients who are seeing a specific provider. You can filter the patients you’d like to see in the dashboard by:

  • Registration Location
  • Provider
  • Service
  • Location
  • Reason for Visit
  • Patient Tracking Status
  • Appointment Status

Note: Navigate to the Visits dashboard, then Scheduled tab to use this tip.

3. SMS Delivery Indicators

An average text delivery failure rate can be as high as 20% for some practices. To help practices actively mitigate delivery failure, we’ve added indicators to the dashboard for more visibility into texts being sent, and the potential reasons for why they’re not getting through. Use this information to find ways to reduce failures, correct phone number inaccuracies and increase SMS delivery rates.

Note: Navigate to the Visit or Appointment Dashboard and click on a patient’s name to see this information listed in the quick view.

4. Add Custom Questions

Many of our customers add custom questions to check-in workflows, via custom fields, to capture additional information from their patients.

As you configure and update your check-in workflows, you can add custom questions to all users, or target them based on their appointment type, provider or location. You can also add a custom question just to display for mobile check-ins or people who check in via kiosk. If you have a kiosk that offers multiple languages and want to add new custom questions, you can also add the translated version of a custom question at the same time. Simply provide the translation to the support team when requesting a new form to be added, then you can ensure all patients are able to see the forms fields in their preferred language.

Note: Contact Support for help with new custom questions.

5. Filter Your Provider Scheduling Dashboard

In the Provider Scheduling Dashboard, you can make updates to your scheduling settings and see data about scheduled appointments. The top of the screen is where you can edit your settings. Filter to “only scheduling” and use this report to see which locations drive the most scheduled appointments, how many appointments were made after hours and more.

The first part of the data will show you the total number of appointments made broken down by:

  • Rescheduled
  • Canceled
  • New patients
  • Returning patients
  • Appointments made in advance
  • Last-minute appointments
  • After-hours appointment creation

Note: Navigate to the Provider Scheduling Dashboard to use this tip.

6. Adjust Column and Eligibility Flag Settings

Clearwave has numerous Visit and Appointment columns that can be shown on the dashboard and filtered. These columns are customizable per practice and our clearwaveCARE team helps practices determine what is shown on the dashboard. Adjust these columns as necessary, and even add columns for custom questions.

Similar to columns, Clearwave has numerous Visit and Appointment flags that can be shown on the dashboard. These flags are customizable per practice and our clearwaveCARE team helps practices determine which to use. They can be adjusted at any time as the practice administrator or staff see fit.

Note: Navigate to the Admin page and click on a Registration Location to see the ‘Portal’ tab to use this tip.

7. Add New Users

When you have new hires or want to provide someone else in your practice with access to Clearwave, simply add a new user. When adding new users to your Clearwave dashboard, always select one or more locations as part of their access, otherwise they may see an authentication error when trying to log in. When you add a user, you can set their roles and determine how much access they will have within the dashboard.

Note: Navigate to the admin section of your dashboard to use this tip.

A CAREcommunity That Will Help Solve Your Problems

The CAREcommunity is regularly curated and updated to ensure all the information is timely, easy to find and helpful when it comes to answering questions. For any additional questions you have on operating Clearwave, visit the CAREcommunity and/or reach out to our CARE team for support.

Our CARE team is always available to help you maximize the value of Clearwave and ensure you’re driving best practices for patient engagement. Learn more about how our Strategic Success team can help you refine your strategy, meet patient engagement and ultimately, drive more revenue.

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