Clearwave Named to Becker’s 2024 List of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Companies to Know

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Clearwave’s Patient Revenue Platformä  Helps Specialty Healthcare Practices Accelerate Cashflow and Growth  

ATLANTA – February 29, 2024Clearwave today announced it has been named to Becker’s 2024 list of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Companies to Know. Clearwave’s patient revenue platform™, Clearwave Core, is purpose-built to help specialty healthcare practices capture revenue at every patient touchpoint, accelerate payments through increased point-of-service (POS) collections, and boost profits and patients to drive overall practice growth. 

Today, healthcare organizations are facing unprecedented revenue challenges, including rising costs, an uncertain economy, reimbursement cuts and slower payments. In this reality, leading healthcare organizations are finding success by leaning on tools, such as Clearwave Core, to put revenue back into their practice and facilitate fast collections. 

Technology with Revenue Growth at the Core 

Clearwave Core empowers healthcare practices to unlock their growth potential by enhancing patient self-scheduling, streamlining patient registration and intake, automating patient communications and creating true financial transparency for both the patient and practice alike through real-time, multi-factor eligibility™ verification. Key features of the patient revenue platform include:  

  1. Clearwave Registration: Truly self-service and passwordless registration via kiosks tablet and mobile that result in shorter wait times for patients, improved data capture for cleaner claims and increased in-office collections by 112% on average. With accurate data, Clearwave customers have seen a 94% drop in their claims rejection rate, subsequently minimizing resubmission costs and increasing realized revenue per patient.  
  2. Clearwave Scheduling: 24/7 digital patient self-scheduling that provides the instant access and convenience patients expect in every aspect of their lives, leading to increased patient acquisition and retention. Clearwave Scheduling also enables canceled appointments to be re-released back into inventory, and the platform provides a waitlist to automatically fill all available time slots – two vital features that help practices maximize providers’ schedules and increase patient throughput. Clearwave also provides Call Center Scheduling to help healthcare organizations decrease call time by 70% and reduce new agent training time by 30%, bringing in more patients, for less!  
  3. Clearwave Multi-Factor Eligibility™: Automated insurance eligibility checks at every critical patient interaction (up to 7x) to identify patient coverage and payment information faster and in real time. With automation, practices can verify what services can be provided and present the most accurate co-pay information and outstanding balances at the time of check-in – enabling them to improve time-to-revenue and increase co-pay, self-pay and Medicare collections – all while reducing the hours it takes for staff to verify insurance.  
  4. Clearwave Pay: Present and collect accurate patient payments for co-pays and outstanding balances every time a patient registers for their appointment to maintain consistent cash flow.  
  5. Clearwave Communications: Automated and customized communications keep patients in the loop and on time for critical healthcare appointments. Automated Reminders, Recalls, Message and two-way texting solutions keep visits top-of-mind for patients, drastically reducing profit leakage resulting from patient no-shows and lapses. 

 With Clearwave Core’s automated and efficient solutions for every point of the patient journey, healthcare practices can drive steady revenue streams. Clearwave enables healthcare practices to overcome traditional revenue challenges and reach high-growth status despite the external factors happening around them. Learn more about Clearwave Core here. 

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