Best-of-Class Technology for Patient Intake

We know that to truly transform patient check-in, you need a solution that empowers patients and helps patients reduce front desk visits. Our connected technologies put patients first from the moment they walk into your facility.

It starts with advanced hardware that has evolved with both technology enhancements and end-user expectations over the last 15 years. Clearwave’s healthcare kiosks feature an intuitive design that patients of all ages grasp quickly as they are guided through the self-service registration process. Clearwave check-ins on average take just two to three minutes for new patients and even less for returning patients.

Powered by real-time software, Clearwave’s high-tech kiosks automatically check for discrepancies in patient data, prompting patients for corrections, where needed. Your organization gains accurate data from the moment a new patient makes an appointment and every time the patient’s information changes thereafter.

Our patient information exchange takes eligibility checks a step further. We create a single identifier for each patient to ensure the most up-to-date data is used when verifying benefits and submitting claims. Clearwave then securely shares this data through its network, connecting other healthcare entities with the most recent demographic and eligibility information available. Our system keeps patient data in sync while enhancing continuity of care.

Clearwave Return On Investment


Increased point-of-service collections


Reduced time spent verifying eligibility


Reduction in outstanding balances over 120 days


Reduced time spent in the waiting room

Cuts time spent filling out forms by half

Dramatically improves the patient experience

What Sets Us Apart

  • A fully customizable healthcare kiosk experience
  • Over 500,000 patients each month use our self-service check-in system
  • More than 1,500 implementations in 43 states
  • Solutions that predict propensity to pay
  • Ability to integrate updates to patient data directly into the EHR Features that enable practices to promote new services to qualifying patients
  • Options for sharing patient education materials at the point of service

Partner Testimonials

“We offer a concierge to walk patients through the process, but our senior patients are likely to wave the concierge off. They want the satisfaction of mastering this tool on their own.”
Administrative Director of Orthopedics, UAB Medicine
Rob Crabtree
“Patients won’t pay their past-due balances when asked by a staff member, but they do when the kiosk asks for payment. It’s as if they believe the digital system won’t let them move forward with their care until payment has been made.”
CEO, VisionFirst Eye Center
Tammy Griffin
“We hired college students to help patients adjust to the new platforms during the first six months of use. Our administrators also assured front-office staff they would not be replaced by the healthcare kiosks. Leaders also took part in training to give staff a greater feeling of comfort in using the new tool.”
Executive Director, Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates
Rick Roney

100% Better

Drives new revenue, provides dynamic eligibility, see more patients per day
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