Best-of-Class Technology for Patient Intake

We know that to truly transform patient check-in, you need a solution that empowers patients and helps patients reduce front desk visits. Clearwave is a cloud-based software company that uses custom kiosks to check in patients at the point of service and allows patients to use any computing device to complete a Mobile Pre-Check™ prior to the appointment.

Clearwave Hardware Key Benefits

  • Clearwave’s healthcare kiosks feature an intuitive user interface that patients of all ages grasp quickly.
  • Clearwave kiosks sleek, modern design is manufactured by the same company that manufactures Delta’s kiosks.
  • Clearwave’s kiosk hardware comes with a five-year onsite parts and labor warranty.
  • Clearwave offers two standard kiosk models – a tabletop and freestanding version but a custom table is available upon request.
  • Every kiosk is HIPAA compliant, no patient data is stored on kiosks and every kiosk comes with a privacy filter. The kiosks are locked down preventing malicious attempts of uploading malware to the network.
  • Every kiosk is ADA compliant.
Best-of-Class Technology for Patient Intake

Clearwave Return On Investment


Increased point-of-service collections


Reduced time spent verifying eligibility


Reduction in outstanding balances over 120 days


Reduced time spent in the waiting room

Cuts time spent filling out forms by half

Cuts time spent filling out forms by half

Dramatically improves the patient experience

Dramatically improves the patient experience

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

  • Our real-time eligibility platform connected to 900 payers including vision plans .
  • Our customer service clients have said “Clearwave is the best software company that we have ever worked with.”
  • Integrated to over 40 different PM/HIS vendors.
  • High patient adoption – over 80% utilization across all Clearwave clients.
  • Customizable workflow to get patients through the check-in process quickly.  Average check-in time for new patients 3 minutes.  Returning patients <1 minute.
  • Mobile Pre-Check™ allows patients to complete updates and forms at home.
  • Address cleanse and alerts of potential duplicate records.
  • Cloud based agile software development.  Updates released every other week.

Client Testimonials

Uab Medicine
We offer a concierge to walk patients through the process, but our senior patients are likely to wave the concierge off. They want the satisfaction of mastering this tool on their own.
Administrative Director of Orthopedics, UAB Medicine
Rob Crabtree
Vision First
Patients won’t pay their past-due balances when asked by a staff member, but they do when the kiosk asks for payment. It’s as if they believe the digital system won’t let them move forward with their care until payment has been made.
CEO, VisionFirst Eye Center
Tammy Griffin
We hired college students to help patients adjust to the new platforms during the first six months of use. Our administrators also assured front-office staff they would not be replaced by the healthcare kiosks. Leaders also took part in training to give staff a greater feeling of comfort in using the new tool.
Executive Director, Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates
Rick Roney

100% Better

Drives new revenue, provides dynamic eligibility, see more patients per day

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