Innovative Solutions for Patient Intake, Eligibility, and Payments

One of the most compelling reasons to transform front-end processes is to deliver the care patients deserve. However, patients aren’t the only ones who benefit. Clearwave’s next-level technologies for patient check-in improve satisfaction while significantly improving efficiency, work flow, and revenue.

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Customized Approach to Patient Intake

Our patient check-in processes are tailored to each patient, resulting in a more personalized patient intake experience that eliminates redundancy. Clearwave’s solution stores patient consent forms electronically, and as a result, patients spend 50% less time completing forms. It’s an approach that improves satisfaction as well as forms management. From one visit to the next, Clearwave eliminates the hassle of patient sign-in.

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Real-Time Patient Eligibility Check

Check your patient’s insurance eligibility in real-time with Clearwave’s sophisticated eligibility platform, Enterprise EligibilityTM , one of the country’s best. Eligibility checks help your practice increase clean claim rates by verifying eligibility and benefits within seconds. When conversations with patients do need to take place, our solutions support a sensitive approach. Patients are happier—and your organization’s financial health becomes more secure.

Automated Collections

Automated Collections

No longer do your patients have to experience uncomfortable financial conversations at the front desk. Clearwave’s advanced technology automatically generates estimates of patient responsibility and requests co-pays and past-due balances upfront. It’s a method that increases transparency while changing the psychology of patient payment, driving double-digit increases in point-of-service collections. At the kiosk, credit card payments can be processed with Clearwave’s Swipe and Hold feature, which allows patients to automate future payments too.

Mobile Pre-Check™

Mobile Pre-Check™

From their home or on the go, patients use Clearwave’s Mobile Pre-CheckTM solution to provide critical data and sign necessary forms. Patients who use our mobile feature complete the majority of their paperwork prior to arriving at the office. This shortens your waiting room times and improves the check-in process for all.

Real-Time Integration with Your EHR

Real-Time Integration with Your EHR

Updates to patient information captured in Clearwave’s healthcare kiosk or mobile solution can be transferred directly to the EHR for automatic updates, further reducing duplicated workflows. In some clinics, real-time EHR integration captures hundreds of updates to patient information each month. Patients also scan their insurance cards and driver’s licenses directly from the healthcare kiosk and upload them to their medical record for ease in processing.

Additionally, our patient information exchange enables healthcare organizations to securely share patient data. We create a single identifier for each patient to ensure the most up-to-date information is used when verifying plan benefits. Clearwave then securely shares this data through its network, connecting other healthcare entities with the most recent eligibility information available. Our system keeps patient data in sync while enhancing continuity of care.

Multilingual Patient Intake Support

Multilingual Patient Intake Support

With the click of a button, Clearwave’s patient intake messaging can be tailored to your patient’s language preference. This inclusive approach further customizes the patient check-in process to the individual, ensuring the right information is delivered in the right format at the right time. Your patients are put at ease from the point of check in, supporting a more positive patient experience.

The Clearwave Difference: Return On Investment


increase in point-of-service collections


increase in patients due to improved throughput


decrease in paper and ink costs


reduction in rejected claims due to improved patient data


reduction in eligibility FTEs, with staff reallocated to more value-added positions


reduction in front-desk workload, opening opportunities for value-added work

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our patients find the Clearwave check-in system easy to use and like managing their check-in experience. When there are questions, our staff can see what is happening on the screen from their own desks and can provide personal assistance.
Executive Director, Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates
Rick Roney

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