3 Reasons To Use Patient Check-In Tablets

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How can patient check-in tablets help your medical practice?

You may already know that Clearwave offers mobile and kiosk check-in solutions for practices, but did you know that we now offer a line of patient check-in tablets, as well?

With the launch of our world-class tablet solution, Clearwave Registration, you can further enhance your patient check-in experience, providing flexibility and choice. By giving your patients the option to check in via Clearwave Kiosk, mobile or tablet, they can check in where they are most comfortable with a consistent interface, and you can optimize waiting room lines for a fast and positive experience for your patients.

How can tablet-based patient check-in help to streamline your patient intake and modernize your office?

In this article, we discuss the benefits of patient tablet solutions and how they can help to improve your waiting room experience. Keep reading for three of the top reasons to bring patient check-in tablets to your medical office!

1. Provide support for mobility challenges

Woman assisting man in wheelchair with checking in to medical appointment using the Clearwave Connect tablet

Patient check-in kiosks are an effective, modern tool that can enhance communication with multilingual patients, improve practice collections, and improve internal workflows. However, patient check-in kiosks are just one of many solutions that can enhance your patient check-in experience.

Introducing various check-in solutions brings your medical office the power of patient choice.

Tablet check-in solutions are a great tool because they aren’t just convenient – they have practical applications for patients that may need additional mobility support. Patient check-in tablets can help to eliminate check-in lines as they form, alleviating discomfort for patients who are unable to stand for extended periods of time.

This can impact ophthalmology practices, whose cataract patients are a bit older and may prefer to sit while completing check-in. In an orthopedic office, patients using a wheelchair will find the tablet option more convenient for use than trying to check in at a kiosk.

By providing check-in support for patients with mobility challenges, your medical office shows a commitment to patient convenience, comfort, and flexibility which will result in calmer, happier patients, and less-stressed staff.

2. Improve medical office efficiency

Patients using Clearwave Connect tablets to check in

Patient check-in tablets can greatly benefit office efficiency and performance. Daren Moon, the IT Manager at Utah Cardio, noted, “We saw a lot of improvements to our practice with the kiosks, but the tablet has really helped us improve practice throughput and efficiency. With the introduction of Clearwave, patient check-in wait times have been reduced so much that patients are being called into the doctor’s office before they can take a seat in the waiting room.”

How can patient check-in tablets increase efficiency and throughput? With Clearwave, medical practices experience:

  • Decreased patient wait times to three minutes or less
  • 25-60% increase in point-of-service collections, resulting in less time spent collecting patient payments
  • Decreased eligibility workloads resulting from automated insurance verification
  • Improved clean-claims rates by supporting accurate submission from the point of contact; Clearwave can improve registration errors by up to 90%!

With shorter wait times, increased collections, and decreased workloads, both your office staff and patients will be grateful for the added software efficiencies at your practice. Introducing patient check-in solutions helps give your practice and patients more of the one thing we all desperately want – time.

3. Allow staff to focus on adding value – beyond the front desk

Nurse aiding patient using Clearwave Connect Check-In Tablet

The success of your medical practice depends heavily on your medical reception team. A great medical receptionist is capable of many things, but their time is often spent answering phone calls and checking in patients, instead of completing more meaningful office tasks.

With a patient check-in tablet, you free up your medical receptionist to focus on patient care. Enhance your patients experience by allowing your medical receptions to become your patient concierge.

Increased patient communication from medical receptionists has a direct impact on patient relations. In a 2009 study, the British Journal of General Practice wrote, “Studies of receptionists in specialist clinics confirm the relationship between communicative behavior and outcomes for patients. It is known that the use of personalized language by service providers has a positive impact on customer relations and that health treatment outcomes improve when there is a personal element in the interaction between patients and practitioners.”

Moving medical receptionists away from checking in patients allows them to assist patients when it counts. One on one, personal interaction is an important part of any appointment, and that doesn’t only include seeing the doctor! Using check-in tablets gives your front desk staff more time to assist patients.

Embrace the Power of Patient Choice

Patient in wheelchair using Clearwave Connect tablet to check in to medical appointment

Providing options for your patients shows you invest in patient satisfaction and have an innate understanding of their needs. In today’s modern era, patients are seeking a patient-centric experience that is easy to navigate and tailored to their expectations.

Offering modern options for patient check-in:

  • Allows your staff more time to build a positive relationship with the patients visiting your office
  • Gives patients the ability to check in comfortably by providing an option for those who may not be able to stand comfortably
  • Saves time and improves efficiency in your medical office.

Is your medical practice ready to change the check-in process with Clearwave’s new tablet-based patient check-in solution, Clearwave? Schedule a quick 30-minute demo with Clearwave today and find out how we can help revolutionize your practice!


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