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Mobile Pre-Check™

Simplify your patients’ check-in process by allowing your patients to  check in before their scheduled appointment—anytime from anywhere. Patient registration is simplified, and patient intake is streamlined.


Your patients are happier

Built-in appointment reminders and notifications streamline the intake process. When patients arrive, they bypass the front desk and simply sign in at a healthcare kiosk. Patients spend less time in the waiting room, improving throughput and patient satisfaction.

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Your staff is happier, too

Any patient updates are automatically integrated with the patient’s medical record, ensuring accuracy and decreasing workloads for front-desk staff. In fact, Mobile Pre-check™ decreases registration errors by 90%. To improve collections and reduce accounts receivables, Clearwave reviews eligibility during the Mobile Pre-check™ and again when the patient confirms their arrival.


How Clearwave works

  • Before their scheduled appointment, patients receive a reminder via text or email.
  • Patients confirm their appointment and follow prompts to complete the pre-check process.
  • Patients verify contact and insurance information, make updates if needed, and electronically sign any necessary forms.
  • Having arrived for their appointments, patients alert staff that they’re ready to be seen by simply verifying their arrival at a healthcare kiosk.

Change the way your patients check in

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