Patient Recall Messaging Software: What You Need to Know to Reduce Lapsed Patients 

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By Chloe from Clearwave | April 17, 2023

Patient retention is crucial for the success of any healthcare practice. Retaining patients not only ensures consistent revenue but also helps build trust and loyalty between the patient and the practice. Automated patient recall messaging software can help you reduce lapsed patients and maximize physician schedules, without burdening staff. 

See how patient recall messaging software can help your practice reduce lapsed patients, increase revenue and save time

How Patient Recall Messaging Software Works

Patient Recall Messaging Software is designed to automatically communicate with patients to encourage them to schedule follow-up appointments. The software operates in the background and can be easily integrated with your medical practice’s electronic health record (EHR) or practice management system (PMS). This advanced software identifies patients who are due for an appointment, based on your practice’s customizable preferences, and sends them a message via text, email. Once they receive this notification, patients can schedule their next upcoming appointment. 

Automated patient recall software can enroll patients in a cadence for future appointments, sending a notification at the right time for patients to schedule their next appointment. These automated recalls can be configured to be sent to patients at the optimal time for them to come back in, based on the appointment type. This automated communication saves staff time, improves patient satisfaction and helps ensure that patients receive care when they need it. Most importantly, it helps ensure that your practice stays top-of-mind for existing patients, retaining them and ensuring they don’t look elsewhere. 

Customizing Patient Recall Text and Email Messages

Customizing recall text and email messages is a key step to maximizing the effectiveness of patient recall messaging software. Each medical practice has a unique patient base and therefore requires personalized communication to effectively reach patients and ensure they book. Customization options for patient recall messages, consider the language, format, and tone of the message to match your practice’s brand and style. Practices can also include specific information such as the patient’s name, provider’s name and appointment booking links.

Customizing recall messages not only makes them more personal but also can increase the likelihood that patients will respond to the message. Patients are more likely to respond to messages that feel personalized and relevant to their needs. Customizing recall text and email messages is crucial for creating a successful patient recall program. It allows medical practices to tailor their communication to their unique patient base and bring in more patients.

Benefits of Using Patient Recall Messaging Software

Patient recall messaging software is a powerful tool that can benefit healthcare organizations in a multitude of ways. One of the most significant advantages of using this software is that it reduces lapsed patients. Sending patient recalls at the most optimal time for an existing patient to book their next appointment can ensure that your practice stays top-of-mind, and help patients stop from forgetting to book an appointment altogether. This strategy will help you reduce the number of lapsed patients and maintain a steady stream of revenue. In addition, providing easy access to a link to online scheduling or your office number saves the patient time and searching for your information to come back in.

Another significant benefit of using patient recall messaging software is that it maximizes physician schedules. By reducing the number of lapsed patients, physicians are better able to manage their schedules, keep a consistent patient base and ensure that they are seeing the maximum number of patients possible. This schedule consistency can lead to increased revenue for healthcare organizations, as well as better health outcomes for patients who are able to receive the care they need in a timely manner. 

In addition to reducing lapsed patients and maximizing physician schedules, patient recall messaging software also reduces staff burden. By automating the process of sending appointment recalls to patients, healthcare organizations can reduce the workload of their staff and free up time for other important tasks. This reduced workload can help improve productivity within the organization, while also reducing the risk of errors or oversights. In addition, relieving tedious staff burdens can help keep morale high, reducing churn and hiring costs.

Quick and Simple Booking for Patients

A patient engagement platform that offers patient recall can greatly benefit healthcare providers and patients alike by providing quick and simple booking options. This tool can make it easy for patients to book their next appointment, which is crucial for ensuring continuity of care and improving patient satisfaction. It makes the process and access to care easier, so patients don’t even have to think about the stress of looking up their provider and finding a way to schedule. For patients this approach streamlines their care needs,, similar to when they have an Amazon subscription for household items, their necessary items (pet food, cleaning supplies, etc.) conveniently arrive when needed. 

With a patient recall system, healthcare providers make booking appointments simple for patients. Through recalls, your practice can provide patients with a phone number or website link that patients can use to book their next appointment, eliminating the need for patients to navigate through a complex scheduling process. A phone number included is helpful for patients who may not have access to the Internet or may be uncomfortable with using online booking systems.

Alternatively, with a scheduling link provided, patients can use any device, at any time, to book their next appointment. This option is especially beneficial for patients with busy daily lives who prefer to book appointments online at any time, day or night. Providing an easy link to online scheduling or your office number saves the patient time. Instead of searching for the practice information to be able to schedule an appointment to come back in, they are able to receive a way to schedule their appointment on their own time. Making this option easy and convenient! By providing multiple booking options, healthcare providers can cater to the preferences of all their patients and ensure that booking an appointment is quick and hassle-free.

Let Clearwave Maximize Your Patient Retention Through Recalls

Specialty practices are always looking for ways to improve patient retention and increase realized revenue. Patient recall messaging software through Clearwave can play a crucial role in achieving these goals. By automating patient recall messaging, your practices can improve communication with patients, reduce the number of lapsed patients and increase growth. With Clearwave’s patient recall messaging software, single and multi-specialty practices can streamline their recall process and ensure that their patients receive timely and personalized messages. 

Learn more about how Clearwave’s patient communication software can help your practice improve patient retention and maximize your resources. Schedule a demo today!

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