Improve Patient Check-In by Measuring These Metrics

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Updated, March 23, 2023, by Blakely Roth

From the minute a patient checks in to when they leave your practice, countless factors impact the patient experience. By identifying ways to increase efficiency and improve your delivery of care, you can continuously grow your practice and enhance your operations.

Measuring and taking advantage of performance metrics and practice KPIs is an excellent way to discover trends, set measurable goals, and reduce profit leakage.

To track areas for improvement during patient check-in, we have identified key metrics your practice should be measuring to improve performance and increase patient satisfaction.

Metrics and KPIs to Measure Your Practice Performance

Patient Wait Time

Patient wait time calculates the average time between patient check-in and a patient being seen by a doctor. This metric, which can be seen on the patient tracking status report, is a key indicator for patient satisfaction and capacity management.

Manual, traditional forms of patient check-in come with a host of challenges. It is time-consuming, the registration process is repetitive, and it results in patient frustration. Studies show that 2 out of every 5 patients are frustrated with their doctor before their visit, due to long in-office wait times, and 49% of patients want the ability to check-in or complete health forms before arriving. Some practices state that these numbers are even higher, considering what they see.

By measuring your average patient wait times, your practice can work to identify whether this is an area that could be costing your staff valuable time and decreasing your overall patient satisfaction, leading to manual human errors that impact claims and low patient retention.

Patient check-in can be expedited by using Clearwave’s digital patient registration solutions such as Mobile Pre-Check, tablet or kiosk-based patient check-in. Through the Clearwave dashboard, you can measure patient check-in volumes and the average time it takes for patients to complete check-in. Clearwave allows your practice to reduce check-in times by 90% (from 20 minutes, down to 2 minutes), improving the doctor-patient relationship and helping your patients receive care faster, while streamlining practice efficiency.

Average Processing Time for Insurance Claims

Calculate the time your practice takes to process insurance claims. When this number is low, it is an indication that a practice receives payment quicker.

With Clearwave, you’ll be able to verify patients’ insurance eligibility without lifting a finger. Clearwave automatically checks a patient’s insurance eligibility 7 times before they ever see their doctor.

With the ability to process transactions in real-time, your practice can increase the number of collections while also reducing the rate of rejected claims. If there are any insurance eligibility issues, your staff is automatically alerted before Clearwave works to resolve any issues.

Claims Denial Rate

Knowing your practice’s claims denial rate offers insight into how effective your revenue cycle is. A practice with fewer denied claims spends less time on paperwork and dedicates more time to patient care.

Using Clearwave lets you keep a close eye on patient payments across your practice and reconcile them with ease. Also, you’ll have complete data audits, and be able to reduce rejected claims. Clearwave seamlessly connects with 95% coverage of insurance companies, meaning that almost every insurance provider is already covered.

Overall Patient Satisfaction

Overall patient satisfaction combines various factors to calculate patient satisfaction levels. A low number could show that there are issues with your services or operations. Becoming patient-centric is essential for any practice. Think of it like this: Your patients want to be seen by their doctor as quickly as possible.

With Clearwave, patients are assured of faster check-ins using a reliable and secure platform. Checking-in doesn’t have to be a headache anymore when you use a platform that does all the hard work for your practice!

Customized Check-In Solutions

Managing a thriving practice means you need a keen eye to spot any existing loopholes, a carefully designed workflow, and timely and effective solutions. All this can be made possible by Clearwave.

Digital patient intake boosts the efficiency of your practice by freeing up more time for your front-office staff, allowing them to attend to more pressing matters and to pay more attention to your patients. It can also help you measure key metrics that impact your operations and patient satisfaction.

Ready to help your practice succeed? Schedule a quick 30-minute demo with Clearwave today!

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