Clearwave Connect for Mobile: What You Need to Know

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Your patients want their medical appointments to be as convenient and efficient as possible. Clearwave Connect for Mobile lets your patients check in discreetly and safely using their own smartphone. Here’s a closer look at the impact Clearwave Connect for Mobile can have on your practice.

Simplifies Check-in Process for Patients

Clearwave Connect for Mobile puts your patients in better control of their check-in experience. Instead of waiting in line or for a staff member to become available, patients arrive and use a QR code or link to manage check-in on their phone. If there have been any changes since their last visit, such as a change in insurance, patients can also update the information on their phone and scan a new insurance card or ID using the camera.

Mobile check-in updates on the Dashboard in real-time just like a kiosk or tablet, automatically signaling that a patient is ready to go to an exam room.

Reduces Stress on Your Front Desk Staff

A medical front desk is a hub of activity, welcoming incoming patients and coordinating care with nurses and physicians. One task can get easily interrupted multiple times whenever the phone rings or there’s a question.

Kiosks and tablets create digital channels for self-check-in that take some of that burden for interaction from front desk staff. With mobile check-in, many extra channels are created by each smartphone. It turns check-in into an independent patient effort with no waiting.

Clearwave Connect already eliminates the work associated with patient forms for intake. Clearwave Connect for Mobile also brings eligibility verification and patient payment collection right to smartphone check-in.

The time your staff spends checking patients’ insurance coverage and status drops with automated verification of primary and secondary benefits. Front desk staff can instead focus on delivering an exceptional patient experience.

Increases Practice Revenue

Clearwave’s products, including Clearwave Connect for Mobile, can help you grow your practice’s revenue. Medical practices that have leveraged Clearwave report a 65 percent increase in cash flow.

Digital solutions offer better data accuracy and create cleaner claims. With Clearwave, practices have experienced a 95 percent decrease in denied insurance claims. Claims penalties and drawn-out reimbursements become a thing of the past.

Clearwave Connect for Mobile also creates financial transparency, showing patients their co-pays and open balances at check-in. Patients can immediately submit payment. This secures each appointment payment and increases your bottom line.

Enhances the Patient Experience

Patients today are digital users. Clearwave Connect for Mobile provides the check-in convenience that your patients demand.

More importantly, it puts this technology right in their hands. This patient-centered technology from Clearwave accommodates higher patient volumes without delayed and repetitive manual processes. The fact is, while registration is an essential process in your practice, your patients are only interested in getting into their appointments, smoothly.

Eliminating long lines and unnecessary hurdles that lead to delays in the office is a big deal. Clearwave drives higher patient satisfaction and loyalty while improving your practice processes.

Clearwave Connect for Mobile is designed to ensure a hassle-free process for your patients. Checking in digitally takes less than 3 minutes, eliminating crowded waiting rooms while making the check-in process more efficient.

Simplify Check-in with Clearwave

Greet your patients with a better, and seamless experience. Create an environment of profitability and productivity. Make intake easier on both sides of your front desk with Clearwave Connect for Mobile.

Ready to learn more about how your practice can benefit by leveraging Clearwave? Click here to watch this Clearwave Connect for Mobile overview video!

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