A FQHC That’s Blazing the Trail and Seeing Results

Reduce Staff Bottlenecks

Health Services Inc (HSI) is a FQHC that’s blazing the trail, and it’s also the third oldest FQHC in the nation. With over 37,000+ patients, the health center was looking for ways to reduce staff burdens, increase patient throughput, minimize front-desk bottlenecks and improve the overall patient experience. 

During a conversation on How to Become a Community Healthcare Innovator, Ebony Evans, Marketing Director at HSI, shares how they significantly reduced staffing costs and onboarding times for front-desk workers. With the right approach, you can achieve similar practice efficiencies. Hear HSI’s story and gain action steps you can take to your health center or specialty practice.

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  • Watch the full Webinar with Ebony Evans of HSI here.