Providing the Experience Your Patient’s Want

Today, 90% of all patients would consider abandoning a provider that doesn’t offer digital access to the practice. Janna Mullaney, Regional Vice President of Operations for Mid-Atlantic & Chicago Eyecare Services Partners, shares how creating a digital-first patient experience helped their practices increase patient acquisition and satisfaction. Watch the full webinar to hear more about patients as consumers and how practices that offer digital-first patient engagement tools (I.e., self-scheduling, check-ins, reminders, etc.,) significantly improve efficiencies, cashflow and patient satisfaction.


  • Maximize kiosk check-ins for days with less staff
  • Improved patient experience and satisfaction
  • Increased patient pre-registration
  • Increase patient data accuracy through pre-registration at home and mobile self-check-in

  • Discover more about Clearwave’s work with Ophthalmology practices.
  • Watch the full Webinar with Janna Mullaney of Eyecare Services Partners here.