How One Vision Institute Improved Practice Efficiency

Do More with Your Existing Staff

Georgia Vision Institute has four offices, including a cataract and eye specialty center. In a webinar on Combating Staffing and Recruiting Challenges, Denise Martin, Administrator for Georgia Vision Institute, shares what they focused on to improve productivity while also increasing point-of-sale collections. 

Moving Forward Georgia Vision Institute has: 

  • Reduced check-in times
  • Created financial transparency with Cleareave’s Multi-Factor Eligibility™ verification 
  • Collected 95% of all copays 
  • Reduced administrative burdens 
  • Realigned staff to take on more patient-centered activities 

The action steps discussed during this conversation still ring true today. Martin shares how Ophthalmology practices can increase revenue and work smarter (not harder) with their existing staff, to create a seamless patient experience. Your practice can achieve revenue results by taking a similar approach

  • Discover more about Clearwave’s work with Ophthalmology practices.
  • Watch the full Webinar with Denise Martin of Georgia Vision Institute here.