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High-growth practices can’t afford to wait to solve revenue challenges. Nearly 90% of US adults say “Ease of Access” is a major factor when choosing healthcare providers. Meet patients where they are and make the transition simple for your staff. Boost adoption of patient self-service solutions and you'll drive immediate improvements to collections, acquisition and more. Use these best practices to own the change and see faster results.

96% Patient Utilization, Despite Age Barriers

Even with an elderly patient base, Cary Dermatology maintains nearly high patient utilization of self-registration solutions, leading to increased collections, cleaner data and reduced staff churn. See how the practice achieves this success and get tips to leverage with your patient base.

Top Resources on Driving Change Management Success

Leadership Actions That Boost Clearwave Adoption & Results

Increase Clearwave utilization and you’ll achieve desired outcomes, faster. Fuel immediate improvements to wait times, workloads, patient acquisition, retention and…

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Promoting Patient Self-Scheduling Checklist

High patient usage of Clearwave Scheduling means more patients booked with less work. Unless you take action, your patients will…

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Promoting Patient Self-Registration Checklist

High patient usage of Clearwave Registration means faster patient collections and throughput, with less staff work. Unless you take action,…

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Why Practice Administrative Staff Love Clearwave

One practice saw immediate improvements to staff workloads, satisfaction and churn after implementing Clearwave. Cary Dermatology is growing rapidly, with…

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How to Boost Patient Adoption of Self-Registration

One practice drives a 96% patient adoption rate of self-registration, speeding up wait times and collections. Cary Dermatology is growing…

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31% Increase In Co-Pay Collections & Faster Check-In

Cary Dermatology is growing rapidly, with 8 providers seeing 200+ patients a day. Offering clinical dermatology treatments along with cosmetic…

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clearwaveCARE: Make Your Success a Gain

Make Your Success a Gain, Not a Pain. The impact of a technology partner that CAREs

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How Clearwave Makes Your Job A Gain – Not A Pain

Practices rely on front-desk staff to keep patients calm and happy, while running the day-to-day operations of a growing practice….

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Reducing Tedious Tasks & Improving Staff Workloads

Cary Dermatology is growing rapidly, with 8 providers seeing 200+ patients a day. Offering clinical dermatology treatments along with cosmetic…

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31% Increase in co-pay collections for Cary Dermatology

Cary Dermatology, a rapidly growing practice, implemented self-registration solutions to reduce check-in times and staff workloads. See how the practice…

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Andrews Sports Medicine Case Study

Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center needed a solution to solve long waiting room lines, past due payments and errors…

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Rockland Eye Case Study

Rockland Eye was growing in popularity and demand for services increased highlighting their need to update their legacy and outdated…

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We’re Stronger When We Support Each Other

High-growth practices choose technology solutions by evaluating price, fit and partnership. Your practice will grow further, faster with a vendor partner who CAREs about your outcomes, your challenges and your patients. At Clearwave, our experience working with medical practices of all sizes and across specialties has shaped our belief that we’re stronger when we support each other – that's why we provide clearwaveCARE. With a focus on building lifelong partnerships, your experience will go beyond technology to ensure you maximize value.

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