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Experienced front desk team members understand how to keep your operations running smoothly. When a front desk is understaffed, it impacts your patients and your bottom line. 

Say Goodbye to Staffing Woes

When staffing shortages hit your practice, one thing is clear: it's critical to maximize front office staff productivity. The Clearwave patient engagement platform eases staff workload for better operations so you can bypass burnout at your practice.  

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Front Desk Staff Shortages Result In:

• Longer patient wait times

• Poor patient experience and retention

• Lower point-of-service collections rates

• Higher stress and turnover of existing staff

Clearwave Can Help!

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In a tight labor market, team members get overburdened and patient experience is at risk.

Clearwave does the of multiple roles with our scheduling, check-in, eligibility verification, and patient communication solutions.

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Check-in can quickly become a nightmare, potentially creating a ripple effect throughout the rest of the day and across other functions.

Patient self-check-in frees up staff’s time while providing an efficient patient experience. Our customers report an average patient check-in time of just under 3 minutes for new patients.

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Perhaps one of the most time-consuming tasks for front desk staff is working through the red tape and tedious steps of verifying a patient’s insurance eligibility. Some practices utilize lackluster tools that still require staff involvement to verify patients, saving no time in the long run.

Clearwave offers the most reliable real-time insurance eligibility verification engine on the market.

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