Why Patient Engagement Platforms Create More Satisfied Patients

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Patients’ primary dissatisfaction with a healthcare provider typically includes inefficient time spent waiting – whether on hold on a phone call, filling out forms or waiting for paperwork to be processed. When offered convenience, efficiency and some flexible independence, patients become ready to build a long-term relationship with their healthcare provider. 

Keeping Up with New Technology

Years ago, patients may have gravitated towards one of a handful of town doctors. Health insurance rules, the internet and reputation-based online popularity have since changed that landscape – technology offers different choices.

New patients will readily book appointments with physicians who are easy to find and schedule a visit with. Having these options available from the start is the beginning of establishing a digital front door that makes it easy for your practice to be found.

The ease of interaction with your practice is the second gateway that brings in patients and creates loyalty.

Having the right patient engagement platform in place offers patients this convenience and ability to connect with your practice, and seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows or enhance them.

Patients will experience a practice that offers them ease-of-use while your staff benefits from streamlined workflows and better productivity.

Patient Engagement Platforms Fuel Better Satisfaction

Twenty years ago, when a patient called a practice with a question, it would involve a phone call, a paper medical chart, perhaps a message scribbled and left on a doctor’s desk, and then combing through notes to spark a physician’s memory of the patient’s last appointment. Now that all off these actions are electronic, it’s faster to recall past discussions and treatment plans. Patients feel less like one chart in a sea of patients, and more like one half of an active healthcare relationship.

Investing in the implementation of a digital platform delivers tangible ROI to your practice. It also delivers a cohesive patient experience that gives patients satisfaction and causes them to openly recommend your practice to others.

Following the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, patients have a positive view of practices that promote safety protocols and allow patients to connect remotely or digitally through pre-registration, early check-in, online scheduling, virtual waiting rooms, telehealth and appointment scheduling.

Moving into 2021, patients also place value on digital platforms that offer financial transparency, automated eligibility verification and quick co-pay and open balance collection without having to interact with staff.

Patient engagement platforms that deliver these kinds of convenient digital experiences are necessary for dynamic healthcare delivery today. 

Patient Experience Matters

Clearwave addressed the demands of 2020’s safety precautions before COVID-19 even began – offering remote digital solutions for better flexibility and service and a Zero-Contact Check-In to meet patients’ needs for independence and efficiency. What we imagined designing for the future of healthcare paralleled the necessity for patient engagement to drive successful practice operations. Over the past year, we saw the preservation of staff, the ability to operate with effective workflows and efficiently managing the care of patients develop as top priorities for providers.

Post-COVID-19, we also see patients involved in the success of these tactics and reminding us of the balance of good administration. Just as we need practices to be more straightforward and productive, patients need to have a hand in their care and to have a positive patient experience.

Patient Engagement with Clearwave

Clearwave’s patient engagement platform will allow your practice to deliver better care while also driving one-on-one engagement that increases patient satisfaction. Ready to make the change to Clearwave? Schedule a quick 30-minute demo today.

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