Recommendations to Increase Patient Volume at Cardiology Practices

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At cardiology practices, patients’ expectations are changing. Patients are looking for new and more adept ways to engage with cardiologists and other healthcare providers. Offering sleek and optimized digital interfaces with minimal contact will make them happy while helping to increase patient volume steadily – and successfully reflecting on your bottom line. 

Offer 24/7 Online Patient Scheduling Solutions

Bringing new patients into the practice should be as simple as possible.

Many cardiology patients push the task of making an appointment to the back of their mind or delay check-ups longer than they should. New cardiology patients will conduct internet research before making an appointment. For both reasons, it’s crucial to be able to access a cardiologist’s schedule and create an appointment at any time of the day.

Clearwave offers 24/7 online patient scheduling solutions to embed into your existing website or patient portal. By offering self-scheduling, your practice is always available, and anyone that discovers your physicians in an online search can immediately book an appointment.

Online patient scheduling is guided by the practice and physicians’ own appointment rules and updates in real-time, only offering truly available appointments. You’ll never have to worry about double-booking patients when using self-scheduling.

The Power of Automation in Cardiology

Another way to put power back into your patients’ hands is with automation that lightens the load of your front desk staff.

In addition to self-scheduling, specialist practices save time and create a better first impression by meeting new patients with a digital patient experience.

Collecting accurate patient information is vital in cardiology. Therefore, letting patients complete patient intake from the comfort of home gathers more detailed information without rushing them at check-in.

Clearwave’s Pre-Check automates reminders with a link to complete patient intake days ahead of a patient’s appointment. It also keeps the appointment top-of-mind to decrease no-shows and optimizes your schedule to bring new patients in sooner.

When new patients book a cardiology visit, the first thing you’ll want to know is how the visit will be covered. Automated eligibility verification checks insurance in seconds, freeing up staff and avoiding confusion as new patients come in the door. The hours that your staff will save on verifying coverage will help support greater patient volume.

A simple, quick check-in creates instant patient satisfaction as patients enter the practice. Digital check-in streamlines the flow of patients coming through the door and helps your staff regulate and increase throughput. Whether using mobile, kiosk or tablet check-in, check-in at your cardiology practice can be simple and well-organized.

Increasing patient volume goes beyond drawing in new patients – it’s also about delivering a great patient experience. By giving your employees the tools they need to handle the increased volume, you can grow your patient base without compromising on outstanding service. Clearwave empowers your practice with efficiency-driving tools to help you grow your cardiology practice and retain satisfied patients. Learn more about how Clearwave could help your practice by scheduling a quick, 30-minute demo today!

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