A Provider’s Perspective: Top Benefits of Patient Self-Service 

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By Blakely Roth | March 14, 2024

Patient expectations around self-service experiences have transformed from a new convenience to an absolute necessity. Nearly 79% of patients are more likely to choose a provider with online and self-service interactivity, while 60% say they are likely to select a provider based on their ability to make appointments online.  

Despite the clear demand, the healthcare sector has been slow in adopting patient self-service technology, with many providers still harboring reservations. 

Jon Belsher, M.D., a physician with decades of experience serving in roles ranging from Chief Medical Officer to board member and now owner and founder of Belcher Enterprises, provides his take on this transition. In a recent conversation on why self-scheduling is becoming a deal-breaker for patients, Dr. Belsher dispels common misconceptions held by providers.  

Here are his top takeaways on how solutions like online booking and check-in kiosks can benefit patients, staff and physicians. 

1. Technology Has Advanced to Meet Physician Expectations

Self-service patient solutions for registration and scheduling are not brand new to the market. Providers have tried some of these solutions before and found that they didn’t meet their requirements, which ultimately resulted in operational errors and patients with negative experiences.  

Dr. Belsher recognizes where these concerns come from but addresses the reality; technology has advanced. He outlines how these solutions are enabling providers to offer self-service conveniences in a way that ensures both the patient and the provider’s preferences will be met.  


2. Self-Scheduling Amplifies Booking Accuracy

A manual scheduling process doesn’t guarantee accuracy. Staff schedulers are human, and mistakes happen. With high turnover rates and nuanced provider scheduling requirements — these mistakes will happen much more frequently.  

Dr. Belsher shares his thoughts on how self-scheduling can enhance your booking process and save time for staff to focus on more complex patient concerns.  


3. Self-Registration is Imperative to Point-of-Service Collections

Collecting the correct co-pay at the time of service is paramount to patients, practices and providers. It means fewer post-service collection challenges for staff, faster time-to-reimbursement for providers and fewer patient complaints. One of the main benefits of a truly self-service patient kiosk is that you can always prompt patients to make these payments during registration in a way that’s quick, easy and private!  

Dr. Belsher highlights why this approach is a win-win for providers and patients. 


4. Now is the Time to Prioritizing Patient Expectations

Change is always difficult and often a provider’s last word is that it’s unnecessary. Dr. Belsher challenges that notion. Meeting patient demands for access and ownership along their healthcare journey is increasingly important to your practice’s ability to compete. From reviews to patient acquisition and retention, Dr. Belsher discusses why now is the time to prioritize patient expectations. 

Meet Patient Demands & Set the Foundation for Growth!

Taking steps to meet patient demands for online booking and self-registration will help your practice accelerate collections and scalability. Consider the downstream impacts… 

Enhance your existing workforce without having to increase your payroll. Amplify patient reviews and realize faster reimbursement! You own the ability to drive this change 

Watch the full conversation with Dr.Belsher to hear his experience with patient self-scheduling and how healthcare practices can meet both patient and provider demands — while boosting acquisition! 

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