Patient Self-Scheduling is the Ultimate Deal Breaker

Patient self-scheduling has gone from a nice-to-have to a deal-breaker. Self-service convenience is everywhere—from booking flights and rides to ordering meals and checking out at the grocery store. Patients demand this same convenience from their healthcare providers. They no longer want to take the time to call practices, wait on hold or go online just to ‘request’ an appointment. While patient demand for self-scheduling is high, healthcare practices have been slow to transition, and providers remain hesitant.

Former Healthcare CEO and CMO, and current Owner and Founder at Belsher Enterprises, Jon Belsher, M.D., joins us to share his experience with patient self-scheduling and how healthcare practices can meet both patient and provider demands.

Watch the Webinar to Hear:

The Top 5 Patient Self-Scheduling Myths … Busted!

How to Implement Self-Scheduling to Meet Provider Requirements

How to Get Leadership Buy-in For Patient Self-Scheduling

Jon Belsher, M.D. | Owner & Founder, Belsher Enterprises
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