How to Ride the Waves for Smooth Practice Operations During Virus Variants

Continuous access to care is invaluable for successful patient outcomes and a thriving practice. In this webinar, we’ll discuss strategies to keep practice operations running smoothly no matter what is thrown your way — whether it be staffing shortages, virus variants or staff vacations.

Hear from Rob Crabtree, Business Administrator of Southlake Orthopaedics, who will dive into what efficiencies busy specialty practices can enable, including how to create time for 1:1 staff-to-patient service and compassionate care.

Rob will be joined by Elizabeth Jones, Vice President of Client Success at Clearwave, who’ll take a closer look at how practices can maintain and even grow patient volumes. She’ll cover best practices for safe interactions and how to rely on benchmarks to navigate changes.

Highlights from this webinar include:

  • How to maintain and grow patient volumes
  • Tips on how to create more productive workflows for visits and collections
  • How to increase patient satisfaction