How to Increase Patients, Not Payroll

Specialty healthcare practices across the country are struggling to deal with high patient demand, especially as staffing shortages and labor costs are increasing. Yet, some high-growth practices are escaping this challenge unfazed, by taking strategic action. See how you can see more patients every day, while keeping schedules on time, improving data capture and dropping patient check-in times.

Watch our webinar to hear how Cape Fear Orthopedics found a way to grow their patient population and boost overall efficiency, without adding more staff.

You’ll Learn:

– Key ways to revamp patient registration to save staff time

– Steps to drop staff workloads while improving patient data capture and check-in times

– How to streamline insurance verification for staff

– Tips to get patients to check-in themselves with ease

Michael Patterson | Cape Fear Orthopedics
Allison Henion | Cape Fear Orthopedics
Amber Brookins | Cape Fear Orthopedics