Nearly Immediate Revenue Impact from Clearwave

Southview Medical Group is a healthcare organization that sees over 700 patients a day across locations and specialties including cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and more. After implementing Clearwave kiosks and pre-registration links, sent via reminders, the organization saw immediate impacts not just on wait times, but also on patient collections.

Daniel Chattom, Clinical Systems Manager at Southview Medical Group, discusses the immediate revenue their organization drove after implementing Clearwave self-registration solutions, despite his initial reservations. Watch the full conversation on How to Unlock Hidden Revenue During Patient Check-In.

Patient Revenue Results:

  • $142K Monthly Avg Collections in 2022
  • 86% collection rate
  • Average patient check-in time: Under 2 minutes
  • Express/pre-check patient check-in time: 1min 26sec
  • 72% of appointments w/reminders confirmed
  • 46.3% of appointments w/reminders pre-checked
  • Decrease in no shows