Driving Premium Service Revenue Without Ad Spend


In healthcare, a digital patient experience delivers clear information and can guide patients through interactions without friction and much like a Netflix queue, can recommend relevant services that can benefit them while helping your practice increase revenue.

Many practices use a variety of marketing channels to promote premium services, such as Botox or Laser Eye surgery – but in many cases aren’t able to be as targeted as they would like in their approaches. Paid advertising is effective, but expensive and not always specific to your local audience.

What if you had a way to market your premium services to your patients based on gender and age without any additional ad spend?

Watch this webinar with Clearwave’s Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Brian Stone, Michelle Pelletier, Chief Executive Officer, MDprospects, and Guido Piquet, Chief Operations Officer, Mann Eye Institute to learn more about leveraging technology to drive premium service revenue, including:

  • Targeted messaging in the intake and check-in process
  • Real-time updates to staff and physicians on patient interest in premium services
  • Nurturing leads to a scheduled appointment


  • Michelle Pelletier | Chief Executive Officer, MDprospects
  • Guido Piquet | Chief Operations Officer, Mann Eye Institute
  • Brian Stone | Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Clearwave