5 Tips to Reduce Eligibility Complexity webinar


Eligibility verification can be especially complicated for ophthalmology practices, significantly delaying wait times at check-in and adding to staff workload.

In this webinar, we’ll speak with Ruth Gallardo from Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier and Remington EyeCare about their approach to streamlined eligibility and Clearwave’s Sales Operations Engineer, Martin Benn, about the benefits of integration with your payer.

Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Ophthalmology’s specific technology needs
  • Integrating with VSP
  • Eligibility’s impact on staff workload
  • Working efficiently with HMOs and Medi-Cal


Ruth Gallardo | Accounting Supervisor | Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier and Remington EyeCare

Martin Benn | Sales Operations Engineer | Clearwave