4 Ways Patient Self-Registration Helps Growing Practices

What You’ll Learn:

Facing high patient volumes and/or a never-ending hiring cycle? Constant rehiring, staff churn or an influx of patients only halts your ability to grow your practice and your revenue.

Gain insights from another growing practice who successfully dropped staff workloads and patient check-in times. Cary Dermatology’s practice administrator, Mary McNeill, joins us to share how her practice alleviated growing pains, like staffing shortages, with patient self-registration.   

Save your seat to hear:

  • Why your check-in approach could be leaving you with bad patient data
  • How to drive 97% patient utilization of patient self-registration solutions
  • How Cary Dermatology improved patient collections, throughput and data capture
  • How to reduce hiring challenges and staff training time with digital solution