2021 – The Digital Transformation in Healthcare

We’ll kick off 2021 with a 60-minute panel discussion on the meaning of “digital transformation” and its impact on healthcare.

We’ll be looking at the provider experience and healthcare operations landscape for 2021 with Thomas Eye Group CEO Ben Seals, and North Idaho Dermatology Executive Administrative Assistant and IT Officer Tyler Nelsen in a dynamic discussion with Clearwave CEO Mike Lamb and Clearwave COO Eric Anderson.

Topics covered in this panel webinar will include:

  • A quick recap of 2020 and the common threads our customers experienced
  • COVID-19 as a catalyst for innovation and the resulting healthcare landscape
  • Healthcare operations in the immediate future and longer-term
  • What a digital transformation means, practically and conceptually

Administrators and providers can gain insight into the current approaches to digital healthcare operations and what we’ll see in 2021.


  • Ben Seals | CEO | Thomas Eye Group
  • Tyler Nelson Executive Administrative Assistant and IT Officer | North Idaho Dermatology
  • Mike Lamb | CEO | Clearwave
  • Eric Anderson COO Clearwave