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Physician Practices

Automatically Verify Insurance Eligibility

Upgrade your practice and reduce rejected claims by 79%

  • Link to every insurance payer with 919 connections and counting
  • Enable full data audits with complete, uniform insurance data
  • Automatically check insurance 7x before a patient sees a physician
  • Customize your eligibility check schedule to fit your needs
  • Keep your staff updated with eligibility issue alerts and give them the tools they need to manage errors
  • Give your patients a uniform experience across mobile, tablet and kiosks as well as throughout your practice's locations
Automatic eligibility verification
Reduce Patient Wait Times

Reduce Check-In Times By 85%

The quality of the relationship that your patients have with their primary care doctor deeply impacts their ability to live longer, healthier lives. Don't make your patients wait to see your physicians. Give them a fast, intuitive process that allows them to easily see their doctors, while taking pressure off your staff.


Key benefits


Of patients use self-service registration


Of front-desk staff are able to focus on other duties


Reduction in patient registration errors


Decrease in paper costs

3 minutes or less

Average patient check-in time

25% – 65%

Point-of-Sale collections increase

How Clearwave Works

Clearwave technology increases check-in efficiency and patient throughput for your practice. Patients no longer have a need to approach front-desk staff.

With a touch of a few buttons your patients can:

  • Choose their language preference for the check-in process
  • Alert office staff that they’ve arrived for their appointment
  • Verify or update their address, insurance information, health status, or other demographics, as well as driver’s license and prescriptions
  • Sign consent forms
  • Process payments directly from Clearwave Connect, available on mobile, tablets and kiosk, increasing convenience for your patients and revenue for your organization. Transfer updates to patient data straight from our mobile, tablet or kiosk options to your EHR for added efficiency.

Improve Your Front Office With Clearwave

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